Samsung and HTC Google Play Edition Phones Get KitKat, So Civilians’ Models Can’t be Far Behind

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play editions will both bag an Android 4.4 KitKat update today over in the US, keeping two of this year's most popular Android handsets up to date with Google's latest and greatest OS, without the bloat of each manufacturer's own re-skins. Read More >>

Samsung’s Shrinkage Ray May Produce Galaxy S4 Active Mini

This phone here appears to be yet another miniature version of a popular full size model, with official filings revealing something we suspect might end up being known as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Mini. Could do with a smaller name, too. Read More >>

Samsung GALAXY S4 Note 8.0 Geocaching
Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Skip Past 40 Million

Proving there is a market for plasticky phones with bloated software, Samsung has today revealed it's shifted over 40 million Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets in just 6 months. At this rate there won't be anyone left to sell the inevitable Galaxy S5 to. Or the Galaxy S5 Mini. Or the Galaxy S5 Active. Or the Galaxy S5 Zoom... Read More >>

Samsung GALAXY S4 family
So-So Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales May Push Galaxy S5 Launch Forward to January

Despite announcing considerable sales of 20 million units back in July, it seems Samsung's Galaxy S4 hasn't hit the internal sales targets set for it. So, rather than upping the marketing budget, Samsung is said to be pushing the S4 to one side, bringing the release of the Galaxy S5 forward. And its launch could be as close as 100 days away. Read More >>

Samsung’s Got a Gold Galaxy S4 Too, Apple

Just two weeks after Apple announced the gold iPhone 5s, Samsung has jumped on the bandwagon with a golden Galaxy S4. Initially available in the United Arab Emirates, it's not clear yet when they'll be available elsewhere, or if. Read More >>

Samsung Denies Trying to Artificially Inflate Its Benchmark Scores

This morning, it was reported that Samsung had rigged the Galaxy S4 to perform better in benchmarks. This afternoon comes Samsung's terse response, which answers some questions, but leaves others flapping in the wind. Read More >>

An Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 Explosion Completely Destroyed This Apartment

It's one thing if your phone bursts into flames and cooks up your leg-meat real bad, but that's nothing compared to losing your whole apartment in an inferno. That's exactly what a Hong Kong man claims happened to him while he was just plugging away at Love Machine (an app, not a euphemism) on his Galaxy S4. Read More >>

Apparently People Hated the iPhone 5 the Most

Here's an interesting look into phone launches. We Are Social took the barrage of tweets, blog posts and scuttlebutt across various forums and mined it to see which new phone got the most hate on its launch. Amazingly Apple's iPhone 5 got way more hate than even Samsung's disappointingly plastic Galaxy S4, or the frankly boring, BlackBerry Z10. Read More >>

Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Edition Hands-On: The Best Got Better

For years, one of Android's biggest problems has been Android skins that weigh down the best hardware the platform has to offer. But now the two best Android phones in the world—the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4—come in pure, stock Google Editions. And after spending some time with both, we can confirm that ditching the skins has made them better than ever. Read More >>

The Planet is Safe — No More Bloody Samsung Galaxy S4 Spinoffs

When we said that the sheer number of Samsung Galaxy phones was starting to kill us, we weren't joking. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S4-arm of the Korean manufacturer's world domination plan is complete. There will be no more Galaxy S4 variants popping out the woodwork. Phew. [Trusted Reviews] Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 with Snapdragon 800 Processor Confirmed by Samsung Docs

An officially released Samsung spec sheet [PDF] describes a slightly new Galaxy S4 model, which contains an MSM8974 processor -- more commonly known as the Snapdragon 800 or the newest, manliest chipset from Qualcomm that's been stunning observers with its early benchmark performance. This is probably the LTE-Advanced 4G S4 that only Korea will see, so don't plan an upgrade just yet. [Engadget via Techradar] Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and S4 Zoom Hands On: Funky Alternatives

It's no secret that a smaller version of the Galaxy S4, known as the Galaxy S4 Mini, is on its way. Nor is it hush-hush that a camera/phone hybrid known as the Galaxy S4 Zoom is coming. While there's still no information about how much these'll cost they'll be available in the UK by the end of June. We just got a little play time with them; here are our first impressions. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hands-On: This is What the S4 Should Have Been

Samsung made its bulging line of Galaxy S4 variants doubly official tonight in London, finally showing off the tasty-looking Galaxy S4 Active. We had a little play with it to see what all the fuss was about. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Legion Is Doubly Official Now

Samsung just took the wraps off a load of phones we already knew about, but for some reason Samsung decided to kinda launch again. Anyway, they're doubly official now. Meet the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and Zoom, and Mini, as well as a new Ace, but you don't really care about that one, right? Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Getting Even Faster for Lucky Koreans

Samsung's boss has announced plans to launch a new, faster Galaxy S4 in South Korea, which uses LTE-Advanced 4G connectivity to potentially double data download speeds. The updated S4, which uses a Qualcomm processor, should go on sale this month. There. But not here. The phone's already popped up on benchmarking sites, showing it running the high-end quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. [Reuters] Read More >>