A Samsung Galaxy S5 Recorded Its Fall From a Plane and Its Miraculous Safe Landing

For fear of its screen shattering, you probably do everything you can to prevent your fragile smartphone from falling even just a few feet. But Blake Henderson accidentally tested the limits of a Samsung Galaxy S5's durability when he dropped it from a plane, only to later discover it recorded both the skydive, and its miraculously safe landing hundreds of feet below. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Combo Detailed on Samsung’s Own Support Pages

The Finnish and Swedish Samsung support sites were both found to contain live pages referencing the two versions of the Samsung Galaxy 6 we're expecting to see revealed within weeks, proving that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge are both real things. Read More >>

Complete Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs Bulletpointed by Reliable Leaker

An enormous and seemingly final list of what we can expect to see inside Samsung's Galaxy S6 model has been published, which, if true, should tell us if it's the phone to put Samsung's flagship smartphone series back on the right track or not. Read More >>

Samsung ‘Flow’ Hands-On: A Continuity Clone for Samsung Devices

Samsung wants to let you sling things across all your devices – webpages, phone calls, and plenty more. Wouldn't it be great if you could hop seamlessly from one device to the next? And doesn't that idea sound familiar? Read More >>

Check Out Android L in Action on a Samsung Galaxy S5

It's been months since Google first gave us a glimpse of Android L and the Material Design manifesto. But now, the slick-looking operating system is finally getting close to primetime. At least that's how this new video from SamMobile of a Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android L makes it seem. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone Camera: iPhone 6 Edition

Since we last pitted the best smartphone cameras against one another, a few new contenders have entered the fold, notably the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. That makes now the perfect time to settle which smartphone packs in the snappiest shooter. Read More >>

How Amazon’s Fire Phone Compares to its Toughest Competition

Amazon's long-rumoured Fire Phone is finally here, folks! It's got a crazy cool-looking face-tracking 3D display that knows the position of your head at all times and Firefly, a scanner that identifies (and helps you buy) just about anything. But funky features aside, how does The Everything Store's phone stack up to the major competition? Let's find out. Read More >>

The Galaxy S5 (and Other Android Phones) are Now Easier to Root Than Ever

Famed hacker Geohot has released a tool called Towelroot that will allow you to root your Galaxy S5, along with a number of other prominent Android devices. Read More >>

Rumour: Samsung Might be Sneaking a Rugged Version of the Galaxy S5 to Market

People may have had some reservations about the recently released Galaxy S5, and while the rumour mill has been churning out information on a possible high-end version called the S5 Prime, something else has cropped up: the possibility of a Galaxy S5 Active. Read More >>

The Gadgets You Should Consider Splurging On

We're halfway through the year, and with many of the major players having shown off their flagship smartphones and tablets, it's high-time we gave you an updated look at the gadgets you should buy in 2014. From the LG G3 to the Xperia Z2 tablet, here's what you should be saving those pennies for. Read More >>

Why Smartphones are About to Get Really Tacky

If you haven't seen Samsung's new teaser for its Galaxy S5 "Crystal Collection," shield your eyes now—this thing has enough reflective power to blind the sun. And judging by the shape of the smartphone market, phones dripping with crystals will soon be the status quo. Read More >>

Mystery All-Metal “HD” Samsung Galaxy S5 in Testing?

A collection of mystery Samsung mobiles have been spotted on a shipping inventory, seeming to confirm the fact that some newer Galaxy S5 models may be on the way. Including that one with the quad HD display. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Less is So Much More

If you can say one thing about Samsung's Galaxy S line of smartphones, it's that they consistently pair some of the best hardware with inexplicable software. The S5 scales back Samsung's bells and whistles, which helps make it easily the best Galaxy phone yet. If only they'd gone even further. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hits UK Stores Today

While we're not expecting iPhone-like round-the-block queues for it, Samsung's latest and (arguably) greatest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, goes on sale around the world today. It's had a mixed, but mostly positive reception. Expect to pay around £570 for the phone SIM-free, or upwards of £40 a month with the phone free on two-year contracts. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Teardown: You’re Not Changing Anything Except its Battery

Samsung's new Galaxy S5 may well be a tiny step into the future, but while its dimpled back may feel like somewhat of a throwback, its insides claim to be anything but. Read More >>