Oculus App Update Is Murdering Battery Life on Samsung Phones

The Samsung Gear VR is one of the easiest ways to experience virtual reality, but some users are learning that convenience comes with its costs. Owners of Samsung phones such as the S6, S6 Edge, S7, and S7 Edge are reporting that Oculus app is destroying their phone’s battery life. Read More >>

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The 20 Best Gadgets of 2015

Technology is all about progress. Sometimes it’s incremental or subtle, but other times it can be colossal and even transformative. In 2015 we saw a metal and silicone cornucopia of gadgets and gizmos. There were amazing deals, sad departures, brand new product categories, and even world-changing ideas. These are the 20 best gadgets from 2015. Read More >>

Want MicroSD in Your Galaxy S6? Consider This Battery Boosting Case

We called the Galaxy S6 the best smartphone you can buy. Some would consider that a betrayal. After all, the S6 doesn’t have removable batteries or SD card slots anymore; it’s completely sealed. Well,IC there exists a new case that might solve at least one of those problems. Read More >>

Leaked Images Show Off What Might be Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5

Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones have always been two peas in a pod, continually mimicking each others’s design and/or software. And if these leaked schematics are any indication of what to expect from Samsung this September, it looks like the tradition will continue Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Review: A Smartphone You Can Take Outside

The Galaxy S6 Active takes Samsung’s flagship smartphone and adds waterproofing, protection against drops, a larger battery and unique physical buttons. As the name suggests, it targets active people. Well, I’m active, so can it stand up to my abuse? Read More >>

Here’s Samsung’s Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edition – and You Can’t Have One

Avengers Assemble! With your phones! Wait, that should be phone! And only if you live in the Far East! Read More >>

The First Hint of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Has Appeared Online

Now that the the Galaxy S6 launch is out of the way, you can expect the first rumours for the Galaxy Note 5 to start popping up. Kicking things off is the discovery of two new Samsung handsets in an online IMEI database. Read More >>

Samsung Sells its Galaxy S6 in Japan Without the Company’s Name on the Case

Samsung disappears in Japan, Makerbot tries to bring 3D printing to everyone, and the bezel-less OPPO R7 leaks (and it looks amazing). BitStream is the news and rumours you missed in the last 24 hours. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Join Apple Watch On Sale to Kill Your Wallet

Today isn’t just the day you can pre-order an Apple Watch — it’s also the day two new flagship Android smartphones go on sale. Read our reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Then weep for your wallet. Read More >>

Apple Pushes Out iOS 8.3 Update and Beats Samsung to EE’s Wi-Fi Calling (Updated)

Apple's iOS 8.3 update has gone live to the iPhone and iPad masses from 6pm this evening. It rolls out CarPlay connectivity, more diverse emojis (check out those thumbs up top) and, most importantly, a slightly longer keyboard space bar, alongside the standard performance tweakages. Nice, but so far, so typical an OS update. Read More >>

Samsung Plays “Will it Bend?” With its Own Phone

The internet's current tech scandal involves the robustness or otherwise of Samsung's new Galaxy S6 Edge, with some suggesting the glass-sided phone is a bit on the fragile side. Enter Samsung with some scientists and complicated lab equipment to prove otherwise. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Not the Next Big Thing, Just a Fantastic Phone

Remember the good old Samsung Galaxy S III? It was a fantastic little trooper, but we’ve come a long way since plastic phones were king. iPhones, Nexii, Motorolas and HTCs have been pushing the limits of style and substance, and now the Galaxy S6 is finally, finally catching up with them. It’s stylish, it’s solid. It’s the whole package. Read More >>

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This Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test Looks Too Good to Be True

By the numbers, Gorilla Glass 4 is seriously tough, able to withstand a one-metre drop onto concrete. That's impressive on its own, but this video seems to show it withstanding something far more impressive. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone Camera: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edition

With spring comes the launch of another Samsung Galaxy phone. The S6 and S6 Edge are on their way into the hands of the masses, so we thought we would fire up the cameras and see how the newbies fare against tried and true competitors for the title of best smartphone camera. Read More >>