The Lumia 928 Has the Best Low-Light Camera (According to Nokia, Anyway)

After confirming the existence of the fabled Lumia 928 in an advert yesterday, it's decided to show you what its latest flagship can do, pitting it in a low-light fight with the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII... totally unbiased, of course. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 droptest
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Watching a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S4 Hit the Deck and Bounce Is Proper Car-Crash TV

What's the best thing you can do with your shiny new gadget? Slam it on the floor and watch it bounce in slow motion, of course. It sure makes for some morbid watching. How does the incredibly repairable Samsung Galaxy S4 stand up against the best of the rest? It's not pretty. Read More >>

Crazy New Exploit Can Brick Samsung Phones or Steal All Their Data

Got a Samsung Galaxy SIII? Maybe a Galaxy Note? Well listen up because there's a new boogeyman on the loose. According to a thread at XDA Developers, there's an exploit out there that can let Android malware apps get at all your physical memory, for the purposes of stealing your data or deleting it or whathaveyou. Read More >>

Samsung Suggests You Make and Share Sex Tapes in Latest Ad

Samsung's latest Galaxy SIII ad starts off all cutesy: a family guy heading off on a work trip, saying goodbye to his young family. His kids have even made him a cute video to watch on the plane, and his wife has... hey now, his wife has been rather more adventurous. Read More >>

Samsung Launching New Four-Inch Galaxy S III

Samsung has confirmed that it will unveil a new, smaller Galaxy SIII on October 11th. The new phone won't be a budget version, but rather a (slightly) scaled-down device, with a four-inch screen for those who prefer a more pocketable handset. Read More >>

How Did Samsung Keep The Galaxy SIII Secret?

Apple can't seem to keep its new phones under wraps to save its life: there are leaked images; phones left in bars -- you name it, and an Apple employee has done it. So how the hell did Samsung keep the SIII a secret? Read More >>

Samsung’s Awkward Galaxy SIII Seduction

There were some very awkward quotables during Samsung's Galaxy SIII launch event in London, but none more awkward than this doozy, which was huskily whispered during the camera section: Read More >>

Galaxy S3, S III
Is This the Samsung Galaxy S III and Did Samsung Really Leak It at CES?

Treat this as purely rumour, but a mysterious, suspiciously Galaxy S III-looking phone made a very brief appearance in a Samsung produced “pushing the boundaries” CES video from its press conference last week. You’ll have to skip to 7:11 below to see it; blink and you’ll miss it. Read More >>