To Celebrate Hubble’s 30th Anniversary, NASA’s Sharing What it Snapped on Your Birthday

Next week marks the 30th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope’s launch, and NASA’s celebrating its birthday with another launch: a new search feature to find out what out-of-this-world photo Hubble captured on your birthday. Read More >>

Vegan Galaxy Chocolate Launches for Only Three Times the Usual Price

Mars has noted earth's current extreme demand for vegan products and is about to launch three Vegan Society-approved variants of its Galaxy chocolate, hoping it can do in the sweets market what Greggs did in the lunch slot. Read More >>

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Watch a Bunch of Confused People Use the Galaxy Fold for the Very First Time

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is a wildly ambitious device that has the potential to change how phones are made in the future. (I mean, maybe!) And despite all of its flaws, issues, and sky-high price, we still find it really compelling. Read More >>

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Could the Samsung Galaxy Fold Actually Be Worth It?

The Galaxy Fold represents more than eight years of design, engineering, and brand new tech, just to realise a phone with a flexible screen that works. We’re talking new malleable adhesives and complicated composite polymers made specifically to support the bendy display. And now after months of teasing, I’ve finally gotten a chance to check one out in the flesh. And despite its nearly £2,000 price tag, the Galaxy Fold is proof that the whole bendy phone trend could be more than just a fad. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Is the Best Big Phone

Since the beginning, the big honking screens on Galaxy Note phones have been their most memorable characteristic. But as the rest of the smartphone world caught onto the jumbo display trend and screen sizes from various makers started to converge around six-inch displays, the throne on which Samsung’s Note phones lorded over lesser devices just didn’t have the same kind of sway. So now, the question is: What’s the purpose of a big ass flagship handset in 2018, especially one that starts at the pearl-clutching price of £899? Read More >>

Scientists Make Enormous Map of the Early Universe to See What Our Galaxy Looked Like as a Baby

How do we find a tiny shred of self-understanding in this vast universe? More simply: how did we get here? A proper map could help us answer this question. Read More >>

This New Hubble Image Has Nothing to Do With Guardians of the Galaxy

On Thursday, May 4th, Hubble dropped a “cute” press release comparing a new image of a galaxy cluster to the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2. It was a timely yet mega-dad corny way to make the image of the galaxy cluster Abell 370 seem relevant. While there’s literally no connection between the James Gunn movie and the galaxy cluster, located roughly 4 billion light years away, that didn’t stop literally everyone from trying to make this A Thing. Read More >>

Chill Out to This Galaxy-Sized Wave of Hot Gas Swirling Through the Void

It’s another casual day in space discovery: apparently, an international team of scientists has found a giant wave of hot gas chugging along through the Perseus galaxy cluster, located about 250 million lightyears away. By combining data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory with radio observations and computer simulations, the researchers have attempted to demystify the strange phenomenon—and in doing so, have created one hell of a visual. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: What to Believe

Samsung has dominated the Android phone market for at least a half-decade, but the Galaxy Note 7 debacle last year lost the company goodwill with customers after its phones exploded in pants, hotel rooms, airplanes, and elsewhere. Read More >>

A Giant Galaxy Orbiting Our Own Just Appeared Out of Nowhere

Researchers scanning the skies just got a big surprise. They spotted a humongous galaxy orbiting our own, where none had been seen before. It appeared, seemingly, out of nowhere. Read More >>

This is the Most Distant Galaxy Anyone Has Ever Seen

Look deep into this photo and what you’ll see is something further away from you than you’ve ever glimpsed before. Read More >>

This Might Be Our Best Look Yet at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung's new flagship phone is due very very soon, at this year's Mobile World Congress, and we're increasingly seeing leaked images of what it might look like. Now, another leak shows what could be the new Galaxy S6 sat alongside what could also be its rather more radical, curved screen S6 Edge stablemate. Read More >>

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This is What a Spiral Galaxy Looks Like Side-On

This is a rare glimpse of a spiral galaxy seen directly along its edge. The image of NGC 7814, known as the "Little Sombrero" to its buddies, was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Read More >>

Galaxy S6 Edge Will Reportedly Crash Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Party

Full-time Samsung fan site and part-time secret revealer Sammobile reckons it's rustled up another couple of Sammy exclusives. Read More >>