game of thrones
Game of Thrones Season 8 Is About to Begin, So Savour the Moment With This Art

It’s almost here. After almost two years of waiting, the final season of Game of Thrones begins April 14, which means you only have a few more days to bask in this moment before any character you love could be brutally murdered at any second. Read More >>

The Masses Finally Appreciate Modern Art

London's Tate Modern has become the UK's most popular day-out attraction, beating the British Museum for the first time. It'll be all them Banksys popping up all over the place, innit? Read More >>

Watch a Woman Destroy £154,000 Worth of Art While Taking a Selfie

Taking selfies with art is an entire photographic subgenre unto itself. So, when an exhibition is touted as “series of wondrous, over-the-top sets for the perfect selfie,” why wouldn’t you pull out your camera and a snap a pic for the ‘gram? This is why. Read More >>

Flat Owners Try to Block Tate Modern’s Viewing Platform

Five people living in the Neo Bankside development in London are taking the Tate Modern gallery to court, in an attempt to stop tourists and locals hanging around on the viewing platform and gawping in through the large glass windows of their modern flats. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 930 Hands-On: An Icon by Any Other Name

If you've had your eye on Nokia's Icon and were miffed to find that its Verizon network exclusivity would forever keep it from UK shores, breathe easy -- Nokia's new Lumia flagship, the Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone, is essentially the same phone. Read More >>

Would You Welcome One of These Union Jack Redesigns if Scotland Votes for Independence?

As the debate around Scotland's possible vote for independence heats up, some have wondered what that will mean for the UK's striking Union Jack Flag. Should it retain the Scottish blue elements if the nation breaks away? And if it shouldn't, is it time a new flag was introduced? Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z2 Hands-On: 4K Video Capture With Super Slow Motion Smarts

Waterproof, capable of 4K video recording and thin enough to slice butter, Sony's new Xperia Z2 flagship is already looking like the phone to beat at MWC 2014. Read More >>

Sony Xperia M2 Hands-On: The Z2, Without the Steroids

If the top-of-the-line Xperia Z2 is looking a little out of your price range, Sony’s shorter, stouter, slower Xperia M2 Android handset may be a better fit for your bank balance. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Hands-On: A Familiar Waterproof Monolith

The tablet market is busier than it’s ever been, but Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z, with its waterproofing, minimalist design and super-slim frame, always felt like a unique prospect. While the impact of today’s reveal of the Xperia Z2 Tablet is lessened by familiarity with its excellent predecessor, it’s still looking like a very impressive slate. Read More >>

Mad Catz C.T.R.L i is a Proper Gamepad for Your iPhone or iPad

When Apple announced that its iOS 7 update would include a gamepad API, it was heralded as the final step towards iPhones and iPads becoming hardcore gaming devices. The slew of shoddy controllers that have so far followed poured water on that dream, but Mad Catz is hoping that its C.T.R.L i gamepad will change all that. Read More >>

Review: Nokia Lumia 1320 is a Perfectly Usable Pocket Monolith

Microsoft’s newly acquired phone division is pumping out the hardware at great pace, with the Lumia 1320 offering six inches of fun and a 5-Megapixel camera for capturing evidence of said fun. It won't win any beauty contests, or smallest-phone contests, but it’s not terrible. Don't be a Windows Phone denier, it’s really not that bad. Read More >>

The Best iPad Air Case Covers

The iPad air is a beautiful bit of design, but it's also a slight, delicate little thing. It's built to last, but even Apple's engineers haven't mastered defending it against the horrors of the loose change and pointy pens running wild in your rucksack. It needs some protection, and your arms need a rest from holding it up while you binge on that latest House of Cards season. Read More >>

Missed Sony’s 2014 Product Preview? Never Fear, You Can Still Win a 4K TV

What happens when you squeeze 20 Giz readers, a handful of Sony community members, and the latest Sony audio, TV and camera products into a room decorated to look like a football pitch? Goals are made all over the place (of the £10k worth of kit readers wanted to win, anyway). If you weren't able to make the event, never fear though, as Sony's giving away an extra 65-inch 4K TV right now. Read More >>