Gambling Crackdown May Target Gaming’s Loot Boxes

Labour's Tom Watson has been a one-man anti-gambling crusader of late, railing particularly hard against the modern form of thievery that is branded as fixed-odds betting. He's now turning his sights on another bizarre form of money-taking system – the beloved video game loot box. Read More >>

Bookmakers Ban Themselves From Advertising During Live Sport

The TV advert breaks of future sporting events may slightly more bearable from now on, as a consortium of the UK's gambling firms and bookmakers have voluntarily agreed to stop advertising their betting products during live events. Read More >>

Labour Suggests Ban on Betting Ads During Live TV Sports

The Labour party is planning a post-election crackdown on live TV gambling adverts, with the party saying that any near/distant future Labour government would introduce a ban on betting companies advertising their weird trade offerings during live sporting events. Read More >>

Cashing in My Personal Data for Chips at a London Gambling Pop-Up

If a gentleman makes his own luck, then I’m no gentleman. Just a month ago, I draw Germany in a World Cup sweepstake only to cheer on a team that would rather roll over to South Korea than give me the satisfaction of winning £70. Read More >>

Swiss Voters Overwhelmingly Choose to Legalise Online Gambling, But Block All Foreign Sites

Switzerland has elected to allow online casinos, though a newly approved law intends to keep foreign operations from sharing in the take. Read More >>

13-Year-Old Blew £80,000 Gambling With Dad’s Credit Card

A child, generously described as a teenager due to scraping in above the 13-year-old bar when he committed his crimes, is in trouble. Quite a lot of trouble, thanks to taking photos of his dad's credit cards with his telephone and using the details to rack up a staggering £80,000 online gambling loss. Read More >>

A Scottish Rehab Centre Has Started Taking in Bitcoin Addicts

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been all the rage for several months now, thanks to the inflated prices that helped a bunch of people get rich. But apparently some people are taking it even further and just can't help but buy more and more crypto for no good reason, and that's why there's one Scottish hospital has expanded its rehab services for cryptocurrency addicts. Read More >>

The Government has Ordered the Closure of Online Casinos Advertising to Kids

Advertising to kids is generally a bad idea, particularly since they're far more impressionable than adults - and we all know how gullible adults can be at times. That's why the government tends to crack down on dodgy advertising aimed at children, and online casinos are the latest to face its wrath. Read More >>

UK Gamblers Gave Away £13.8bn Last Year

Figures assembled by the Gambling Commission show either what a great or terrible job it's doing, with British gamblers spending, losing or giving away an enormous total of £13.8bn in one year. No wonder everyone's so poor these days that the knees are all ripped and worn away on their trousers. Read More >>

YouTubers Done for FIFA Betting Operation

A couple of the weird new generation of people who make a living out of putting videos of themselves playing games onto YouTube are in trouble, after pleading guilty to running an unlicensed betting site based around the FIFA franchise. Read More >>

The Hustler Origins of Wearable Computers 

Be healthier! Be less distracted! Be more efficient! The wearable tech market is gripped by the idea of quantifying positive change. Fitbits and Apple Watches are shilled as objects that will make us the best versions of ourselves. Read More >>

9 Casino Games Too Ridiculous To Believe

Casinos are awesome, especially once you accept the fact that the house always wins. And if you're going to give away your money regardless, you might as well do it at one of these incredibly, wonderfully weird games. Read More >>

Should It Be Illegal to Exploit a Video Poker Bug and Win Big?

A Las Vegas District Court judge is currently weighing a big question that you may have opinions on: is exploiting a bug on a casino's video-poker machine illegal or not? Read More >>

High Roller Takes Casino For £22 Million With Security Camera Hijack

Australia's biggest casino was taken for £22 million, when its own security cameras were used against it by a high-roller who managed to hijack the surveillance systems. Read More >>

Learn How to Count Cards and Win at Blackjack with This iOS App

Maybe you know a little about Blackjack, like doubling on 11 or splitting 8s. Maybe you know nothing. But definitely you can know more. With this iOS app, Blackjack Domination, you can learn about all the odds, discover strategies, figure out how to count cards and beat the house. Read More >>