april fools
Reminder: April Fools Is Tomorrow, Lots Of Fake News Around Today

Whether you love or hate the yearly parade of daft ideas and 'new products' for April Fools' Day, it's worth remembering that it falls on a Saturday this year. Which means that a lot of companies are releasing theirs today. Read More >>

You Can Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Game Boy That Sucks

Like many people who dropped hundreds of pounds on an Apple Watch, Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan was disappointed at how little his pricey wearable could actually do. Instead of complaining about it online like most of us, he decided to solve the problem himself by writing a Game Boy emulator capable of playing Pokemon Yellow. Unfortunately, it kind of sucks. Read More >>

Some Genius Crammed the Japanese NES Classic Edition Into an Old Game Boy

After the release of the NES Classic Edition, there’s been quite a bit of speculation about what console Nintendo plans to miniaturise next. The SNES? The N64? The geniuses at Kei Studio clearly want a Game Boy Classic Edition, but instead of waiting for Nintendo to make one, they went and hacked together their own. Read More >>

The Game Boy’s Being Brought Back From the Dead With Some Awesome Upgrades

Though there were several iterations and updates to Nintendo’s insanely popular handheld gaming system, the Game Boy was officially retired just over a decade ago. And while Nintendo has no plans to revive the portable console, a company called Retro-Bit is stepping up to bring the Game Boy back from the dead. Read More >>

Don’t Throw Out Your Game Boy Classic; Use It To Pilot a Drone Instead

What do you do with your old Game Boy? Some of us try and boot it up for the first time in decades, while others look at this brick that we played with in our childhood and make something of it. Read More >>

The Case That Turns Your Smartphone Into a Game Boy Was Shown Working at E3

The folks at Neowin made an exciting discovery at E3 this week. Originally teased as an April Fools’ joke over a year ago, Hyperkin’s Smart Boy was not only on the show floor with an updated design this year, it was also fully functional, with a possible official release closer to December. Read More >>

A Game Boy Dirty Washing Bag is a Great Reason to Pick Up Your Clothes

For a lot of us the original Game Boy was our childhood salvation from long car rides and other boring ordeals. And thanks to ThinkGeek, this Game Boy-inspired bag for dirty washing might also be our salvation from bedroom floors covered in piles of smelly dirty laundry. Read More >>

Game Boy Knock-Off Slider Puzzle is as Retro as Gaming Gets

It never hurts to keep a distraction close at hand, because you just never know when a long boring meeting is going to strike. And this €9/£7 slider puzzle, loosely styled after the Game Boy or other handheld electronic games, perfectly fits the bill. Read More >>

Turn Your Fridge Into a Giant Game Boy

If you're ok with this being as far from an officially-licensed Nintendo product as possible, you can now turn your fridge into a gigantic unplayable homage to the original Game Boy. The $20 (£13, plus shipping) decal set includes all the requisite buttons and a black and white version of the screen perpetually play a knock-off version of Tetris. Now where's our Game Gear decals for the washer and dryer? [Amazon via This Is Why I'm Broke] Read More >>

Smartwatches Fulfil Their True Destiny With a Game Boy Emulator

Google and Apple can pitch them as productivity tools all they want, but the real reason anyone would strap a smartwatch to their wrist is as a more covert way to kill time and avoid boredom. So it's good to know that when your Twitter and Facebook feeds run dry, you can always boot up a Game Boy emulator on your Android Wear watch to stay distracted. Read More >>

These Tiny Game Boy Headphones are Wonderful, Even if They Sound Awful

When it comes to buying gadgets and electronics there's always going to be compromise. To get the features you want, you'll have to learn to live with things you don't. Take these headphones, for example. For just £12 they probably don't sound amazing, but the inline remote and mic is shaped like an adorably tiny Game Boy. A fair trade-off if I ever heard one. Read More >>

Old Game Boy Ads Weren’t Exactly Family Friendly

Nintendo's cultivated an image as the most squeaky-clean creator on the game company block, but it wasn't always that way. And by that I mean the '90s were weird, you guys. Read More >>