Amazon’s World Domination Is Reportedly Extending to a Game Streaming Service

Amazon has a well-deserved reputation for taking over whatever industry it gets itself into, but its record of success is far from flawless. The online retailer has spent years hesitantly flirting with the gaming business with little to show for it. But as the wide-open field of game streaming picks up steam, it appears Amazon might see an opportunity to really become a player. Read More >>

windows 10
Blade’s Shadow Service Turns Any Device into a £1,500+ Windows Computer

Back at CES in January, French company Blade seemed to promise the moon. For a monthly fee, the company would give users access to a high-end Windows 10 machine, with the latest CPU from Intel and a beefy Nvidia 1080 GPU built in. The computer would be housed at a server farm, which means as long as you had an internet connection, your iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac machine could access it. Read More >>

Google’s Rumoured ‘Yeti’ Project Could Be Big For Game Streaming

Companies like Sony and Nvidia have tried to make game streaming a thing for years, so gamers can skip the download process entirely and instead stream games from the cloud. But only recently has the tech been good enough to make it feasible. Sony has PS Now, which can stream games over the internet to a PS4 or PC, while Nvidia’s GeForce Now service does the same thing for the company’s Shield devices or a modern computer with an Nvidia GPU. Read More >>

Nvidia Is Bringing Better Game Streaming to Facebook Live

Thanks to Nvidia, you’ll soon be able to stream tons of games to Facebook Live. At its big CES press conference, Nvidia made the announcement, which could help make Facebook Live a bonafide platform for esports and friendly game streaming. Read More >>

Nvidia’s Game Streaming Service Launches Tomorrow, and Will Cost You £7.50 a Month

The Shield is Nvidia’s Android TV gaming powerhouse, and Grid is its software soul—a streaming service that lets you play a selection of titles over the internet. Think like a Netflix for FPSes. But Grid is changing. Starting tomorrow it will launch out of beta under the new name GeForce Now, with an £7.50-per-month subscription price. Read More >>

PlayStation Now UK Hands-On Review: Startlingly Smooth, Slightly Stingy

It was a disappointing announcement when, around the unveiling of the PlayStation 4, Sony revealed that its latest console wouldn’t come with native backwards compatibility for older PS3 titles. However, it at least had a ready alternative planned – having acquired game-streaming service Gaikai, the PS4 would offer last-gen games on demand, over the web, with a new rental service called PlayStation Now. Read More >>

The PlayStation Now Private Beta Kicks Off in the UK in ‘Spring’

Sony's PlayStation Now game streaming service has been available to test in the US for some months now, letting you beam PS3 games over the web to a host of compatible Sony devices. With the service settling in Stateside, Sony's seen fit to bring it to the UK, today announcing plans to kick off a private beta trial of PlayStation Now in the UK this spring. Read More >>

Your Xbox One Could One Day Stream PC Games

When it comes to flexible console gaming, the PlayStation 4 (with its mobile/Vita game streaming) currently wins out over the Xbox One. But with the advent of Windows 10, unifying Microsoft's Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows PC platforms, that could all change -- as well as streaming Xbox One games to a Windows 10 computer or tablet, Microsoft is considering streaming PC games back to the console. Read More >>

PS4 Remote Play Coming to Non-Sony Phones? “Never Say Never”

With most smartphones sharing similar screen and processor technology, and the majority running on Android, it can be difficult to find a point of differentiation between the top-tier phone manufacturers. Read More >>

Nvidia’s Grid Game Streaming Service Quietly Boosts its Library

Nvidia Grid, the GPU manufacturer's cloud-gaming service, is quietly ramping up the number of games in its library in the run up to GDC, with Alan Wake, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Metro Last Light Redux bringing the overall streaming count up to 40. [Nvidia] Read More >>

PlayStation Now Brings Gaikai PS3, PS2 Game Streaming to PS4, but UK Will Have to Wait

With the PlayStation 4 lacking any built-in backwards compatibility features, classic PS3 and PS2 games were promised to be coming to the console via a streaming service, developed by Gaikai. That service, now called PlayStation Now, will be ready by the summer -- so long as you live in the US. Read More >>