GAME is Teaming Up With Three to Turn Itself Into a Phone Shop… With Games

Despite the fact that it's the only high street chain that sells brand new games, GAME seems to be struggling. Revenue is down, and it has to compete with the convenience of online chains like Amazon as well as digital storefronts operated by games publishers. It's done a lot to keep itself relevant over the past several years, and now the latest ideas it transforming into a phone shop with a bit of help from Three. Read More >>

Game Will Soon Have its Own Massive Mugs as Sports Direct Buys a Share of the Company

Sports Direct has taken a 26% stake in Game, the high street software and hardware retailer. The company has recently suffered some setbacks due to lack of stock of Nintendo's Switch and a weaker than usual game lineup. Game shares jumped 15% on the news before dropping slightly but deal means the company is now worth around £47 million, according to The Guardian. Read More >>

GAME Stores Are Charging Customers for PlayStation VR Demos [Updated]

GAME has spotted a shameless opportunity to make a quick buck and is perfectly happy to use it. Read More >>

GAME Failing at Only Job as Last-Gen Sales Collapse

Looks like we might get to republish all those stories about GAME going bust again soon, as the high street gaming chain -- already pulled out of collapse once back in 2012 -- warns that it's facing "challenging" conditions due to... many reasons. Read More >>

Google Doodle Does Gaming for Halloween “Candy Cup”

Clicking on Google's logo today does much more than linking you to the Wikipedia page of some dead scientist or a token woman chosen in a panic because there hasn't been a woman one for months, with the search giant deciding to celebrate the continual dumbing down of Halloween by creating an aptly terrible Flappy Bird clone. Read More >>

GAME Gift Cards Off the Present List as Branch Manager Accidentally Buys Them All

A shortage in physical gift cards in high street chain GAME led some to worry about its financial well being, before the glitch was explained as an internal error triggered by one man in one branch ordering the company's entire stock of pre-paid credit vouchers. Read More >>

Steam Online PC Gaming Store Invading Brick-and-Mortar GAME Shops

If you can't beat 'em, join em, as the old adage goes. And, when it comes to selling PC games, there's not much point in GAME competing with the heavily-discounted Steam store from Valve, which has pretty much sewn up PC game retail with its download shop. Read More >>

GAME Now Has a ‘Marketplace’ for Third-Party Sellers

It's been a hard-fought struggle for videogame retailers GAME, which stared into the financial abyss a few years ago to claw back a stable business. It's still fighting hard to match the selling might of Amazon however, and has today taken a leaf out of its competitor's book; GAME now has a 'Marketplace' for third-party sellers, just like Amazon does. Read More >>

Cardboard Flappy Bird Looks Way More Fun Than the App

Missed out on your chance to download Flappy Bird? Worry not! You can just make a DIY box version of the same gameThat's what Fawn Qiu did. She made an in-real-life (IRL) version of Flappy Bird using an Arduino sensor, two servo motors, a reed switch and magnets. Oh and of course the box where it all happens. Read More >>

Classic Arcade Game Designs Illustrated as a Field Guide

If your recollections of arcade games past are starting to fail you, perhaps you just need the Amusement Field Identification Kit in your life. Read More >>

Google’s Doctor Who? 50th Anniversary Platform Game Doodle: A Perfect Friday Time Sink

This weekend is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who's first appearance on the small screen, and Google has chosen to celebrate it with a wonderful multi-level platform game. Read More >>

GAME Accused of Ruining Gamers’ “Xbox One Day” By Cancelling Pre-Orders Without Refunds

Videogame retailer GAME has come under fire by an enraged group of customers who claim that their Xbox One pre-orders have been cancelled just days before the console's launch. And, to make matters worse, so far there's no sign of a refund. Read More >>

The “Epic Gaming Adventure” is the Perfect Holiday for Globetrotting Gamers

Seven countries, four weeks and several thousand miles of air travel are what you sign up for with Game and STA Travel's package trip, on which holidaymakers get to visit some of the top gaming locations around the world. Read More >>

Real Life Architectural Puzzles Made for Escaping

You're alone in a room, or perhaps with a small group of friends, looking for a way out, searching all the walls and surfaces around you, even the furniture and objects, for clues. There is no apparent way out. There are no immediately visible doors. But you haven't been kidnapped, and this isn't Saw; it is one of many "real life room escape games" becoming more popular in China. Each room—if you manage to escape—leads to another room, with its own set of puzzles and clues, until finally, eventually, exhaustingly, you solve your way to freedom. Read More >>