Give Your Old GameCube Controllers Wireless Superpowers With This Simple Switch Adapter

Kirby and I will fight anyone that dares suggest the Nintendo GameCube didn’t introduce one of the best controller designs of all time. Countless Super Smash Bros. devotees agree with that sentiment, which is why Nintendo has even re-released it. But it’s 8Bitdo that’s created the best way to actually use a classic GameCube controller with your Switch. Read More >>

Switch’s Gamecube Controller Support Was an Accident, Says Nintendo

Last week people discovered that the Switch's latest software update also came with support for Gamecube controllers, which could be plugged into the console's dock using an adaptor originally sold for the Wii U. Now it turns out that this wasn't meant to happen. Read More >>

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We Didn’t Know We Wanted A SwitchCube Til Someone ‘Shopped One

Sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it. In our case, we had no idea we were hankering for a GameCube edition of the Nintendo Switch until Redditor IanMazgelis made a mockup: Read More >>

Sorry Other Gamers—Xbox Users Are Better At Sex

Looks like all those sleepless nights cosied up next to the tender warmth only an Xbox can provide have finally paid off. For you, noble Xbox user, have officially been crowned the Sexy Time Champ. Read More >>