The Mad Box is a New Console From Project Cars Studio Slightly Mad

If you've played either of the Project Cars games, you'll know that developer Slightly Mad Studios is capable of shiny, high-end visuals in video games. But apparently simply making games is not enough: the company is also getting into the console manufacturing space in the near future, as it has just announced "The Mad Box". Read More >>

Amazon on Game Dev “Hiring Spree” Ahead of Games Console Launch

As well as purchasing home console developer Double Helix a few weeks ago, Amazon is said to be scouring the gaming companies of the US for additional development talent -- strongly suggesting its long-rumoured set-top box is indeed a content delivery trojan it'll be selling as an innocent games machine. Read More >>

Is Amazon’s “Bigger Than Kindle” Device a Games Console?

Amazon's Kindle Fire line caused a stir when it launched, undercutting the tablet competition and carving Amazon a nice little corner of the then-uncharted waters in the process. It now seems Jeff Bezos's company is looking to do the same in the games console arena with its own Android gaming machine. Read More >>