To Fight Fake News, This Game Teaches Players How to Spread Misinformation

A video game intended to help people become less susceptible to misinformation just rewarded me for pretending to post a tweet from a fake NASA account warning of an incoming meteorite. The object of the new browser game, Bad News, is “to get as many followers as you can while slowly building up fake credibility as a news site,” according to its site. Read More >>

Carbon and Dust Fitness RPG Mixes Role-Playing, Exercise, and Kicking Ass in Space

By now, about 80 per cent of people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. Luckily, resolutions don’t mean crap and you can try to reach your goal again whenever the hell you want. For those who’ve been wanting to work on their physical health, Darebee has released its highly-anticipated space opera fitness role-playing game, Carbon and Dust, which by the way is totally free. Read More >>

What Are the Most Controversial Video Games of All Time?

We’ve all been there, casually browsing a forum with nary a care in the world. The sun may be shining but you’re safe in a darkened room absorbing top-tier video game chat when boom – some little scrote called ‘XXb0ngsm0kA98XX’ throws a hand grenade into the room. “Bloodborne is overrated emo bullshit, like all of Miyazaki’s games.” Read More >>

Which Console Has The Best Exclusives?

If you’ve read our breakdown of which platform holders produce the best games, you might be having a little deja vu. But wait! This is a very different question. What we want to do here is look at each of the three major systems while applying a specific set of filters that, in theory, should give us a good idea of each console’s exclusive offering. Read More >>

Nintendo Switch Has Three Times As Many Games as Wii U Did At This Point – And They’re Better

I’ll be honest, when Nintendo first announced the Switch I was a sceptic. Sure, it was a clever concept but isn’t it a bit… weird? Wouldn’t it suffer from the same problems as the disastrous Wii U, one of the biggest being the relatively meagre library of games to choose from? Read More >>

It’s Been a Good Run, But Miitomo Had to Die

Oh Miitomo, it seems like it was just yesterday when you arrived on phones as Nintendo’s first mobile app, bringing a tiny bit of that Mario joy and magic to the small screen. But after less than three years on the market, Nintendo is killing off the Miitomo app in just a few months on May 9th. Read More >>

Los Angeles Man Charged With Manslaughter Over ‘Swatting’ Death

Authorities have charged 25-year-old Los Angeles man Tyler Barriss with manslaughter for allegedly placing a hoax call that led to a Wichita, Kansas police officer shooting and killing an innocent man, the L.A. Times reported. Read More >>

You Have 10 Seconds to Guess How Messed Up HQ Trivia Will Get When It Launches on Android

HQ Trivia, the alarmingly popular trivia app which increasingly threatens to take over our reality, has been iOS-only since its mid-October launch. The result has been that 12 times a week, iPhone owners have been swarmed by everyone else trying to get a slice of that sweet, addictive trivia. Read More >>

The New Animal Crossing Stinks

Moderately motion sick while stuck on a coach to my parents' last weekend, I downloaded the pick-me-up I was certain my brain required: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. And crossed the animals did, over a shaky mobile connection and onto my iPhone as the bus lurched into stop-and-go traffic. Read More >>

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This Gigantic Version of Nintendo’s Original Handheld Games Needs Two People to Play It

Before the Switch, before the 3DS, and even before the Game Boy, Nintendo had the Game & Watch: a series of handheld video games that were primitive by today’s standards, but mind-blowing to ‘80s kids. And they made such an impression on computer scientist Thomas Tilley that he recently created a gigantic version of the toy built around a 46-inch LCD display. Read More >>

Congratulations to EA for Posting the Most Hated Comment in Reddit History

While Reddit sometimes overstates its value as a space for authentic conversations online, the massive community-driven website has served as a kind of town hall where everyone from everyone from Elon Musk and Barack Obama to a dildo manufacturer have responded to questions from completely un-vetted strangers. Sometimes it goes well. For Electronic Arts, the new owner of the most hated comment in Reddit’s history, not so much. Read More >>

Scrabble King Banned for Looking Slightly Like He Was Cheating

There is a way to hold the bag in the world of competitive Scrabble playing, we have learned. Players should hold the bag at shoulder level while selecting their new tiles, to ensure they can't take a sneaky look at its contents. Read More >>

Board Games Are the Hidden Feature of 280-Character Tweets

Anyone who tells you Twitter is social media’s closest approximation to hell on Earth is utterly, unimpeachably correct. This is, after all, the company that decided to deal with its role in a rising tide of digital fascism by verifying a white supremacist, and doubling the amount of space anyone can use to shout racial epithets at strangers. Read More >>

Science Helps Reveal Which Fairground Games Are a Scam, and Which Ones You Can Actually Win

The prizes, the lights, the sounds, and a quick-talking barker make it hard to resist playing Fairground games, but is every game a fool’s bet? In his latest video, Mark Rober, an ex-NASA JPL engineer, breaks down the science of what makes some of these games so challenging, and others near impossible to win. Read More >>