What You Need to Know About the Court of Owls, the Potential Foes of the Next Big Batman Game

It’s been a good long time since we last stepped into the world of the excellent Batman: Arkham games, but recently Bat-fans were sent all aflutter by a new teaser for what appears to be the next entry in the series being made by game developer Warner Bros. Montreal. This time, the villain seems to be a foe that appeared much more recently in the comics than gamers have dealt with before. Read More >>

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure Had Me Huffin’ and Puffin’

If you watch the trailer for Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch, it looks silly. A bunch of people around the world making idiots of themselves with the help of a giant flexible ring with a Joy-Con in it. A Ring-Con, if you will. On their left thigh is a holster with the other Joy-Con. They run in place in impeccably dressed living rooms, their faces scrunched as they rapidly squish and pull the ring. Safe at my desk, ignoring my Apple Watch’s pleas to get up and stand, I had the same reaction watching the trailer as I do watching someone play a VR game in real life. I shoved some Pop Chips in my mouth and said, “Nerds.” Read More >>

A Birdwatcher’s Review of Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game effectively ended for me when I found the boy who would run away if you honked at him. I didn’t need to achieve any more goals. I had reached peak goose. Read More >>

This Nightmare Game Was Designed by a Dentist in MS Paint

The secret life of one Polish dentist apparently involves coding a horror game in MS Paint. Read More >>

Okay, Apple Arcade Is Probably Going to Be Good

Apple Arcade probably isn’t going to suck. Maybe you already assumed that because you’re an Apple fan, or because you recognise that £5 for a selection of thoughtfully curated games could be a good deal. But questions have lingered about the service since Apple first announced it last spring. After a couple of hours playing through some of the biggest titles for the service ahead of its 19th September launch, I’m tentatively excited. Read More >>

I Can’t Stop Looking at These Perfect Final Fantasy VII Figures

We live in a truly incredible time for action figures – whether you’re wanting to spend a lot or a lot less, you can get well articulated, highly detailed recreations of some of your favourite characters from all sorts of shows, movies, comics, and games. But it means we also get this: amazingly intentionally old toys. Read More >>

Apple Arcade Just Released Early for iOS 13 Beta Users

If you’re an iOS 13 beta user who’s been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Arcade, it looks like you may be able to access Apple’s subscription gaming service a full three days ahead of its official launch date. Read More >>

A Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube That Floats In the Air is Completely Hands-Off

You’d be forgiven for assuming that this video was the work of a talented animator, a visual effects artist, or an illusionist. But the only magic at play here is magnets and a magnificent execution of miniaturised robotics. This is a real Rubik’s Cube that can completely solve itself while floating in mid-air. Read More >>

All the New Details About Apple Arcade

Apple’s annual September event may traditionally be all about the iPhone, but with Tim Cook bringing services into the fold, it was expected that Apple would reveal more about its hotly anticipated gaming and streaming services ahead of their official launches this autumn. And today’s event kicked off by right away introducing us to Apple Arcade and demos for three of its offerings. Read More >>

star wars
Re-Discover the Old New Republic With Jedi Knight II Coming to Switch and PS4

Kyle Katarn is back. If not in Disney’s Star Wars canon, at least on your Switch and PS4. Read More >>

Police Cancel Mass Ikea Hide and Seek

Scottish police were called to a branch of Ikea outside Glasgow over the weekend, after staff found out that as many as 3,000 locals had arranged via social media to enjoy a potentially record breaking game of hide and seek inside the furniture shop. Read More >>

I Miss Simple Video Games That Didn’t Try Too Hard

As someone obsessed with handheld gaming consoles, Nintendo’s Switch should have been the ultimate portable system for me. Instead, it actually made me nostalgic for Tiger Electronics’ LCD handhelds; arguably some of the first true portable video game systems. They were cheap, durable, simple, and addictive, and 30 years later I find myself missing that experience. Read More >>

Thirty Years Later, This Handheld Version of the Original Carmen Sandiego Is Still Better Than School Work

Thirty years ago if you offered a kid the choice between playing Super Mario Bros. and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, the plumber would always win. But if asked to choose between studying fractions and playing an educational video game in the school computer lab, who wouldn’t go the Carmen route? It was the first computer game many kids ever played, and that experience can now be replayed anywhere with this handheld recreation of the original version of the game. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Eisenhorn, the Peculiar Star of the Live-Action Warhammer 40K TV Series

The fact that it’s somehow taken until 2019 for Games Workshop to attempt to bring the rich, ridiculous fiction of its grimdark Warhammer 40,000 universe to live-action is peculiar enough. That Gregor Eisenhorn is the face of that long-awaited push, even more so. Need a quick trip to the Black Library to brush up on him? We’ve got you covered. Read More >>

Nintendo’s Latest Filing With US FCC Hints at SNES Games Finally Coming to the Switch

To coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service which included a bunch of classic 8-bit games as part of the subscription, Nintendo also released a pair of NES gamepad shaped Joy-Cons to round out the retro experience. So putting two and two together, a recent Nintendo filing with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a wireless Super Nintendo controller hints that 16-bit titles might finally be en route for the online service as well. Read More >>