No, Science Did Not Just Prove Playing Super Mario 64 Prevents Dementia

For almost anyone who grew up playing video games in the 90s, Super Mario 64 was a blocky rite of passage. But it’s not just gamers who have taken to the mustachioed hero lately. More recently, scientists have to begun to test whether games like Super Mario 64 could be used to keep people mentally in shape, thanks to its colourful landscapes, simple-yet-addictive puzzles, and open-world freedom. To that end, a study published last week in PLOS One suggested that elderly people who keep up a daily regimen of Super Mario 64 can increase the amount of grey matter in their brain, and even improve their short-term memory. Read More >>

Valve: Your Bitcoin Isn’t Any Good on Steam Anymore

Valve’s Steam, the digital distribution platform which enjoys near-monopolistic control of the entire PC gaming industry, has stopped accepting bitcoins as a form of payment due to the currency’s volatility and increasingly unacceptable processing fees. Read More >>

Gorgeous Nintendo Games Are Coming to Nvidia Shield, But Only in China

If you live in China and own an Nvidia Shield, you can now play great Wii games like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess—no need to own a Switch, a 3DS, or even the console that Twilight Princess originally appeared on. All you need to enjoy one of the best games Nintendo has ever made is a game console not actually built by Nintendo. Read More >>

Skyrim VR is Everything Wrong With Virtual Reality Right Now

As I powered up the PSVR to play the recently released Skyrim VR, I wondered whether this was yet another company’s lazy cash grab exploiting a new tech fad, or a genuine new step for the franchise. This was my third first time playing it. First released in 2011, the same exact game now had four releases across half a dozen systems, with only minor graphical upgrades. While the transition from PS3 to PS4 didn’t exactly leave me floored, it seemed the transition to VR could potentially be its most radical reformulation yet. Read More >>

The New Animal Crossing Stinks

Moderately motion sick while stuck on a coach to my parents' last weekend, I downloaded the pick-me-up I was certain my brain required: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. And crossed the animals did, over a shaky mobile connection and onto my iPhone as the bus lurched into stop-and-go traffic. Read More >>

Razer’s Powerhouse Phone for Gamers Is Delightfully Different

While its original mission was to make high-end gaming mice, Razer’s line of products has grown over the years to include everything from keyboards and fitness bands to entire desktops, laptops, and pretty much anything else the company could put RGB lighting in. However, up until now, there was one glaring hole in Razer’s otherwise comprehensive lineup: phones. After all, more people spend time playing Candy Crush and Clash of Clans than even the most popular AAA PC titles. The problem is that when a £180 Moto G5 can play Super Mario Run just as well as a £1000 iPhone X, WTF is a gaming phone even supposed to be? Read More >>

The Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie Is Close to Casting Its Female Lead, Continues to Be Actually Happening

So many absurd things have happened this year that it’s hard to remember that not only are we getting a live action Pokémon film, it’s actually based on a Japan-only game about a Pikachu that solves crimes. But yes, it’s still happening, and just took a major step forward by closing in on casting its female lead. Read More >>

If You Love Retro Gaming, the SN30 Pro Is the Only Gamepad You’ll Ever Need

Nintendo has promised that the Switch’s upcoming online service will include a library of classic games that will help turn the portable console into an epic—but not perfect—retro gaming machine. The one thing the Switch is missing is a genuine, four-way D-pad, but that can be easily remedied with 8Bitdo’s new SN30 Pro gamepad—a clever hybrid of both classic and modern controllers. Read More >>

The Newest Batman Video Game is One of the Best Explorations of the Joker in Years

Episode three of Batman: The Enemy Within delivers a compellingly sympathetic portrait of a character that we’ve been trained to immediately hate on sight. Read More >>

5 Things to Know About Tencent, the Chinese Internet Giant That’s Worth More Than Facebook Now

While most people in the West still aren’t familiar with Tencent, the Chinese digital media and telecom conglomerate has quickly become one of the biggest players on the internet. Just last week, Tencent’s market cap valuation of £398 billion propelled it past Facebook and into the fifth spot among the largest corporations in the world. Read More >>

Amazon’s Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch Deal is Pretty Crazy

Despite the fact Nintendo said it wouldn't be discounting the Switch for Black Friday, some retailers have gone ahead and done it anyway. While there were some good deals last week on Black Friday, Amazon's Cyber Monday deal blows them out of the water. Read More >>

This Little Box Can Make Even the Junkiest Laptop a Gaming PC

You are probably surrounded by more computers than you know what to do with, whether it’s the phone in your pocket, the old clunker at home, or the sleek little ultra-portable you got from work. And while they are more than enough for everyday tasks, when it comes to real graphics prowess, I’m talking about serious gaming, 3D design, or photo/video editing, most systems don’t have the guts—or the space to accommodate the kind of silicon you’d need to push pixels around. Read More >>

New Paper Suggests Pokémon GO Was Responsible For a LOT of Accidents Last Year

Cast your minds back to ye olden days of summer 2016. Suicide Squad was stinking up cinemas everywhere, Portugal were about to win Euro 2016, and we were still months away from a certain Home Alone 2 cast member taking the White House. Also, tonnes of folk were playing Pokémon GO... and apparently wrecking shit while doing so. Read More >>

black friday
Black Friday’s Winding Down, But Don’t Miss This Great Offer on the HTC Vive

With such a high entry price, decent PC-based virtual reality isn't very widespread. But the sales days are always ripe with opportunity to reduce the amount you have to spend, and HTC's Vive headset has one such deal Read More >>

Nintendo Has the SNES Classic Back in Stock for Black Friday

Nintendo's had a good year for sales, what with the Switch and the SNES Classic seemingly exceeding the company's expectations and proving to be insanely popular with the gaming public. The SNES Classic has been hard to get hold of for a while, but Nintendo's official store has some new stock - just in time for Black Friday. Read More >>