Xbox One X Pre-Order Details Will Arrive This Weekend

If you were paying attention during E3, you'll have seen Microsoft announced the Xbox One X. The 4K edition of the Xbox One is will be available on 7th November, with a hefty £450 price tag. If that price doesn't put you off, you might want to pay attention this weekend. Because Microsoft is revealing the first pre-order details at Gamescom on Sunday night. Read More >>

The Force Unleashed’s Sith Jerk Starkiller Almost Appeared in Star Wars Rebels

One of the worst characters in history almost appeared in Star Wars Rebels. Starkiller, the main playable character from LucasArts' Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game and its sequel, is a dreadful dullard. A horribly one-note moaner, it's a genuine joy to see him get barbecued by the Emperor. The fact the games essentially credit him with forging the Rebel Alliance is so unbearably insulting, I want to personally crowdfund a Men In Black memory wiper just to purge the hours I spent with that thoroughly average hack 'n' slasher from my mind. So thank the Sith Billy Buzzcut didn't appear in the show. Read More >>

Finally, An Apocalyptic Wasteland Where People Aren’t Arseholes To Each Other

From Mad Max to The Walking Dead, we live in a world teeming with apocalyptic fiction. Typically, they're stories which posit that humans will turn to their darkest impulses and screw over anyone and everyone for their own survival, or even out of pure selfishness. A new video game called Pyre is about the exact opposite of that. Read More >>

Dota 2 Bot Annihilates eSports Pro, Thus Proving We’ll All Soon Be Enslaved by AI Armies of Killer Machines

The robots are coming for the human race, and they're going to turn us into fleshy batteries... which is totally cool if it means I get to come back as an impossibly handsome jiu-jitsu master. In the lead up to real life morphing into The Matrix, an AI (funded by an Elon Musk startup) just beat the tar out of some of the world's best Dota 2 players. Read More >>

Nintendo is Being Sued for Copyright Theft Over the Switch and Joy-Con Design

The Switch has been a big success for Nintendo, and one of the reasons people like it to much is because you can pull it out of the dock and play it as a tablet. The Japanese games titan is now under fire for that particular bit of design, which now the subject of a copyright lawsuit. Read More >>

Would You Buy A New PC Based On Its 3DMark Score?

If you were shopping in a big-box retail store for an off-the-shelf PC, would having a concrete, comparative performance figure help your buying decision? Futuremark, maker of 3DMark and PCMark, has teamed up with Elkjøp Nordic — one of the largest computer chains in northern Europe — to benchmark its brand new PCs and organise them into categories for buyers to choose from. Read More >>

Should You Buy a Clicky or Silent Mechanical Keyboard?

It's the question that every PC nerd has asked themselves as they've been poring over online store listings: should I buy a mechanical keyboard with clicky tactile switches, or one with silent and linear keys? I compared two otherwise identical keyboards over a couple of weeks of gaming and typing to find my own personal favourite — and try to figure out why that was. Read More >>

Week in Geek
The Week in Geek: Legends of Tomorrow, Shazam, Captain Marvel, and More

This week in geek includes good and bad news about Constantine joining Legends of Tomorrow, Samuel L Jackon on Captain Marvel, the direction of the Shazam movie, and more. Read More >>

The All Controller Might Replace Every Last Controller You Own

Having lots of choice when it comes to consoles and platforms is great for gamers, but having piles of proprietary controllers and accessories in your gaming room is not. The creators of the All Controller tried to fix that problem by designing a gamepad that works with everything from the PS4 to PCs to iPhones, so you can use a single controller for every game and platform you play. After spending a week with a pre-production model, I think they might be onto something. Read More >>

Help Research How Video Games Impact Your Mental Health

The broader medical community doesn't take games all that seriously. But there's evidence that shows games can help you relax, reduce stress, and help depression and anxiety. Now, you can help further that research and get games taken a little more seriously — and get healthier, more mentally fulfilling games to boot. Read More >>

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A Determined Hero Saves His City In The Retro Video Game-Inspired Gummy Gas Crisis

A chipper hero named Ed bleeps and blorps through his city — which looks and sounds suspiciously like a retro video game — in Rodrigo Díaz's short animation Gummy Gas Crisis. Ed's mission: to chase down a baddie named Lord Gadiseous, who's spreading gas (the stinky kind) all over town. Read More >>

Tales From The Loop RPG Will Make You Feel Like A (Stranger Things) Kid Again

Tales From The Loop, a role-playing game, is what happens when Netflix's Stranger Things and the Welcome to Night Vale podcast go bump in the night. Players step into the role of kids in the 1980s, trying to get by in a town where anything can happen. Only the biggest scares aren't from aliens or killer birds, but rather their everyday lives. Read More >>

pokemon go
How Niantic Should Fix Pokémon Go So That We Want To Catch ‘Em All Again

Over the weekend, Pokémon Go developers Niantic ended up with Exeggcute all over its face as it stood in a rather large Miltank pat of a PR disaster. Read More >>

Apparently Microsoft is Still Working on That Halo TV Show Everyone’s Forgotten

Microsoft's Halo TV series is still a thing! Um... hooray? First announced back at the Redmond giant's E3 press conference in 2013, news on the small screen project has been rarer than a shot of Master Chief's unmasked mug over the last couple of years. Yet thanks to some intrepid sleuthing by website  AR12Gaming, Microsoft has finally given an update on the project. Read More >>