Here Are the Winners of the 2020 Nebula Awards

Last night, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America held the 55th annual Nebula Awards, designed to honour the best science fiction and fantasy released any given year across prose, film, television, and, as of last year, video games. Read More >>

Xbox Just Made a Compelling Argument to Buy a Xbox Series X at Launch…if You Have the Right TV

In a press release this morning, Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management for Xbox Series X, said that the company’s next-gen console will launch with thousands of compatible games – going all the way back to the original Xbox – all thanks to backwards compatibility. Not only that, but many of those games will also get a significant performance boost, up to 120 frames per second, and added HDR. Some of those older games could get their resolutions bumped up to 4K, too. I’ll admit, that changes my mind a bit about waiting to buy a next-gen console, regardless if you have an extensive library of Xbox games or not. Older Xbox games that not only perform better but look better? Sounds like a sweet deal. Read More >>

Wallace and Gromit are Getting the AR Treatment with a Brand New Game

Ever since Pokémon Go hit the scene and made people realise that augmented reality gaming could prove popular under the right circumstances, it seems like every company out there has been trying to mimic the success of Niantic's flagship title. There have been AR games based on Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, even Niantic itself tried to replicate its own success with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. And now that list is set to include Wallace and Gromit. Read More >>

You Can Play Fallout Shelter in Teslas Now

Tesla drivers have been able to play games in their cars for a while now. What began as somewhat dodgy arcade games has branched out into more modern and beloved games such as Cuphead and Stardew Valley. Now it will let you venture into the wasteland with the addition of Fallout Shelter. Read More >>

Hacker Permanently Solves Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift With a Touchpad Upgrade

After shutting down its repair centres over two months ago as a result of the pandemic, Nintendo is starting to reopen them again, which is good news for Switch owners still dealing with Joy-Con drift. Hacker Matteo Pisani came up with a different solution: a Switch without joysticks is a Switch that never experiences drift problems, so he upgraded his console with a touchpad instead. Read More >>

Lego’s Super Mario Is Getting a Bunch of Costume Upgrades Including a Cat Suit

Lego and Nintendo have been slowly trickling out sneak peeks of their upcoming playsets, including expansion packs and an ever-growing collection of buildable levels. Today Nintendo also revealed that Mario himself can also be upgraded through four different Power-Up Packs giving the hero new costumes and new abilities. Read More >>

Why Everyone Won’t Stop Talking About PS5 and Xbox Series X Storage

Now that we know the full specs of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, there’s not much to differentiate them at the hardware level. Both sport custom AMD GPUs based on its RDNA2 architecture. Both are ray tracing capable. Both have roughly the same amount of TFLOPS, and the amount of CU graphic cores and operating frequency come out to roughly the same amount of performance. Both consoles have CPUs with nearly identical specs. So what will make getting one over the other worth it, aside from game availability and small features like better haptic on controllers or support for cloud gaming? Storage. One of the least exciting elements of any console is about to become one of the most crucial. Read More >>

MSI’s GS66 Stealth Gaming Laptop Packs Big Specs and Thankfully Goes Light on the RGB

There’s always something I’ve appreciated about powerful gadgets that are able to hide their power levels. I’m talking about stuff like the Volkswagen Phaeton W12 that had essentially the same engine you got in a flashy Bentley Continental (minus a couple turbos), but in a car that looked like, well, a VW. In short, gadgets that appear normal, but can go toe-to-toe with any rogue Saiyans that just dropped in from outer space and want to take over the world. And that sort of exemplifies what you get with the MSI’s new GS66 Stealth. Read More >>

Discord Becomes an Even Better Zoom Alternative For Gamers with the Addition of 1-Button Video Chat

Discord has already taken a few steps to help people stay connected during The Quarantine, but with its latest update, Discord may have just given gamers a true replacement for competing video chat apps like Zoom, Hangouts, and others. Read More >>

Alienware’s Upgradeable Laptop Still Holds Lots of Promise, But Not at That Price

Dell really wants you to choose its Alienware Area-51m over a high-end desktop. The company has called it a “desktop replacement” since the model’s inception, and not without reason: in addition to upgrading your memory and storage, you have the option to upgrade your CPU and GPU too. You can still do that with the upcoming Alienware Area-51m R2, which will be available 23 June, but a starting price of $3,050 (£2,517; UK pricing TBA) is not a cost-effective desktop replacement. You also can’t upgrade the soon-to-be previous model with a 10th-gen Intel processor or a RTX Super graphics card, but there’s a good reason why. (I’ll get into that in a bit.) Read More >>

Danny Trejo, Elijah Wood and Greg Grunberg Set For Virtual Animal Crossing Talk Show

Gary Whitta is a screenwriter and author known for co-developing Rogue One and other films. Recently, he's gotten a new hobby — hosting a live, late night talk show via Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The talk show has become viral online, attracting interest from high profile people like U.S. politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and various celebrities. The latest edition of the show is set to be a stunner, with Whitta wrangling film stars Danny Trejo, Elijah Wood and Greg Grunberg for this week's episode. Read More >>

Nook’s Cranny Gets Blocky in Fan-Made Lego Set

If you've somehow spent so long in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that there's already nothing left to do, it might be time to bring your construction projects into the real world. One fan has created a LEGO version of Nook's Cranny that could be well on its way to becoming an official set. Read More >>

8 Non-Combat Roleplaying Games for When You’re a Lover, Not a Fighter

It can be fun getting into a squabble with some goblins in a dungeon, or facing off against an army of Jem’Hadar. But what about those times you want to play a roleplaying game where violence is off the table? Here are some picks for those times when you’d prefer a little romance, mystery, or some good old fashioned Shakespearean drama. Read More >>

Here’s a First Look at the Tech Behind Sony’s Finger-Tracking VR Controllers

Thanks to a few patent filings that have surfaced over the last two years, we’ve had an idea that Sony’s been tinkering with finger-tracking technology for a line of new VR motion controllers. It’s still unclear whether these controllers are intended to be a successor to PlayStation Move or part of the kit for the yet-unannounced PlayStation VR 2 or something else entirely, but at least now we can see them in action thanks to a new video from Sony researchers. Read More >>

Animal Crossing Is the Breath of the Wild Postgame I Always Dreamed Of

As you play your way through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you end up becoming the catalyst for the creation of Tarry Town, a brand new settlement composed of Hylians who come together to live in the middle of nowhere because – one assumes – they’re tired of being harassed by the monsters that roam the land. This sentiment is extremely relatable. Read More >>