HQ Trivia is Switching to Pounds From Tonight

If you're anything like we here at Giz UK, then for the last month or so, you've scheduled your life around HQ Trivia. Want to meet up with a friend for coffee at 3pm? Sorry, can't. HQ time. An evening out with the family? Sure, just as long as I'm home for 9pm for HQ. Read More >>

Science Finds Once Again That Violent Video Games Don’t Turn People Into Rage Monsters

A new study published this week in Nature journal Molecular Psychology provides a well-timed rebuttal to the weary trope—occasionally alluded to by President Trump and others in the wake of mass shootings—that violent video games are causing real-life mayhem. Read More >>

Serious Progression Changes Coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

Better late than never! On Wednesday March 21st, EA is going to start rolling out something called 'The Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Update', a long-awaited bunch of changes to the game's economy - which was the focus of intense controversy late last year. Many of these changes seem to be in direct response to the problems many had with the game's loot boxes, though they're probably arriving rather too late to change perceptions. Read More >>

Sony Will Give a Free PS4 or PSVR to Anyone Pre-Ordering an Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact

If you needed a reason to buy yourself Sony's latest mobile offering, whether it's the XZ2 or its Compact sibling, Sony's just offered something that might make the decision quite a bit easier. It's offering a free PS4 or PSVR Headset to anyone who pre-orders either phone. Read More >>

Audeze Wants to Change How You Think About Gaming Headphones and 3D Audio

3D audio in headphones that envelops you like a surround sound home cinema is an elusive thing. The market is dominated by products for gamers, who play content that’s mixed for surround sound, and who want to hear the crunch of opponents in the bushes behind them as it’s a matter of life and death (in a game at least). Also they don’t want to wake the neighbors at 3AM. Read More >>

These Cute, Pixelated Puppers Will Devour You in This Wolfenstein 3D Mod

You might love Wolfenstein, but I’m not one who can stomach much violence, even when it’s in service of destroying Nazis in all their forms. As a result, I’ve never played more than a few minutes of any Wolfenstein game. That’s why Return to Castle Woofenstein (aka Woof3d), a mod that turns every enemy Nazi into a lovable doggo, is right up my alley. Read More >>

This AR Street Fighter II Lets You Brawl in the Real World

Augmented reality experiences are oftentimes a dud, and the really mind-melting ones require hardware that costs a shit-ton of money. But Abhishek Singh seems to have figured out a way to make AR both accessible and really fucking cool. His latest project brings the classic arcade game Street Fighter II to life as a multiplayer game people can play in the real world. Read More >>

A Brief History of Virtual Reality, From Lucid Dreaming to Ready Player One

Ready Player One is all about people using a virtual world called the OASIS to make their dreams come true. While virtual reality has only been a thing—at least in name—since the 1980s, people have been dreaming of life in fictional worlds for thousands of years. Read More >>

How the New Tomb Raider Is Trying to Surpass the Best-Selling Game

“If you have the origin story, that’s a way for us to get to know our character, to feel for them, to relate to them on a more human level,” star Alicia Vikander says of the new Tomb Raider movie, based on the hit video game series. This is true, but it also poses a very unique problem for the film: How to tell Lara Croft’s origin when the video games already did it really, really well? Read More >>

The Walking Dead: Our World is Basically the Show’s Answer to Pokémon Go

After the success of Pokémon Go, it's pretty obvious that games developers started getting ideas about how to try and mimic that success - utilising AR and real world gameplay. Jurassic Park and Harry Potter games have already been confirmed, and now they're being joined by The Walking Dead. Read More >>

I Can’t Figure Out Who This Luxurious Wireless Mouse System Is for

You’ll have to forgive me, I’m working through a problem here. I’m faced with some seriously cool technology that gets me excited in a flying car, robot maids, vapourware kind of way: A wireless mouse that never needs to be plugged in. No cord to transmit data. No dock or cable to keep it charged. If you had told little baby me in 1988 that one day the clunky box with the ball inside would use lasers, be powered by magnets, and work completely wirelessly, I would have been astounded. The part of me very in touch with my youth is astounded. But the other part of me is living in 2018 where it is very clear that something like a truly wireless mouse is...niche. Read More >>

We Might Be About To Get A Gaming TV Show That Is Actually Good

For as long as video games have existed, there have been attempts to do it well on TV. Unfortunately, the track record is less than stellar - but all this could be about to change. Read More >>

A Jurassic World Version of Pokémon Go Is Coming to Your Phone

After a few years of running around outside catching wild Pokémon, fans will soon have the opportunity to do the same with dinosaurs. Read More >>

This Cheap, Playable Smartphone Case Is Triggering my Eternal Love For the Game Boy

As an avid portable gamer, you might assume smartphones, and their app stores filled with million of titles, would be my ideal device. But part of me still yearns for physical buttons to mash, like my beloved Game Boy had. That’s probably why I find this case that puts a bunch of basic video games on the back of a smartphone so appealing. Read More >>

Celebrate The Nintendo Switch’s First Birthday by Using a PS4 Pad to Play on it

Nintendo's adorable/surprisingly good handheld hybrid came out one year ago today. As it turns the grand old age of one, a shiny new peripheral has turned up, providing plenty of additional pad options for those not keen on stumping up for the system's pricey Pro Controller. Read More >>