It’s Time to Lower Tower Bridge – Permanently

The Thames is is the central spine of our capital city. The river is the reason that London exists at all, and its iconic meanders are seared into our brains thanks to a combination of the Eastenders credits, the original London 2012 logo and the default view in Google Maps. Read More >>

London’s Garden Bridge is Dead

In news that will make our Editor want to throw a big lavish party, it's been announced that the controversial London Garden Bridge is dead. Read More >>

Garden Bridge Should Be Uprooted, Says Brutal New Report

The PR disaster that is London's Garden Bridge has hit the headlines again today after Dame Margaret Hodge's newly-released report stated it should be cancelled outright. Read More >>

London’s Garden Bridge’s Own Backers Warn it Might be an Expensive Flop

The group that fancies its chances of building that posh new semi-private bridge across the Thames has published its first set of accounts, and they come with quite a severe warning about the status of the project. Including the really quite obvious fact that the cost of building it could "substantially exceed" initial expectations. You don't say. Read More >>

London’s Garden Bridge in Peril as Mayor Halts Works

London mayor Sadiq Khan may well be about to bring the controversial public/private Garden Bridge to an abrupt halt, as he's ordered some initial structural planning work to be put on hold pending new calculations on whether additional taxpayer money might be needed to make the project happen. Read More >>

Why the London Garden Bridge is Inspiring So Much Outrage

It doesn’t take much to make some cities angry. But in London, a special kind of rage is flowing over a project that seems pretty unobjectionable: A footbridge over the River Thames. And the tension isn’t confined to London. Read More >>

London’s Garden Bridge Gets OK’d By City Hall, But Will Require Crowdfunding

Boris Johnson's office has just given final approval to the controversial Garden Bridge, set to offer a leafy walk over the Thames, connecting Temple and the South Bank. Read More >>

St Paul’s Furious About London’s Garden Bridge Plan

The current managers of St Paul's Cathedral have come out rather firmly against the plan to create the Garden Bridge across the Thames, claiming the latest reworking of the riverside will further diminish the standing of one of London's oldest and most famous buildings. Read More >>

We Want Thomas Heatherwick’s Proposed Thames Garden Bridge Built ASAP

Because the average Londoner sees about as much vegetation as they do pterodactyls, Heatherwick Studio has proposed a new bridge across the Thames that will double up as a (narrow) area of parkland, almost like our very own version of New York's High Line. Read More >>

London’s Plan To Build A Garden Bridge Over The Thames

Thomas Heatherwick, designer of the London Olympic Cauldron as well as the British Pavilion at the 2008 Shanghai Expo, has unveiled renderings for a garden-filled pedestrian bridge across the Thames. Though more than £60 million in funding must still be found to make the project a reality, Heatherwick will proceed to submitting plans in the spring, and the bridge will undoubtedly benefit greatly from the support of long-time proponent Joanna Lumley (Patsy on Absolutely Fabulous): Read More >>