People and Cyclists Not Really Welcome on London’s Garden Bridge

The knives are out for London's future new garden bridge, with the project's backers revealing a few awkward details about it now it's gained planning permission. Read More >>

Four Easy Ways to Listen to Your Music Outdoors

The season for back-garden barbecues and slip 'n slides is upon us! But with the summer sun baking Britain, who wants to crowd their ears into a pair of headphones or jam silicone buds down their ear canals? Instead, here are four easy ways to bring your playlist into the fresh air and annoy the neighbours while you're at it. Read More >>

London’s Plan To Build A Garden Bridge Over The Thames

Thomas Heatherwick, designer of the London Olympic Cauldron as well as the British Pavilion at the 2008 Shanghai Expo, has unveiled renderings for a garden-filled pedestrian bridge across the Thames. Though more than £60 million in funding must still be found to make the project a reality, Heatherwick will proceed to submitting plans in the spring, and the bridge will undoubtedly benefit greatly from the support of long-time proponent Joanna Lumley (Patsy on Absolutely Fabulous): Read More >>

Desert Town Wakes Up to Find Giant Lego Garden Grown Overnight

The citizens of the desert town of Broken Hill were surprised when they woke up to this surreal scene: giant Lego trees and flowers—66 times bigger than the actual pieces—had grown everywhere overnight. Read More >>

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How to Grow Unlimited Celery Without Entering the Contra Code

That little nubby celery stump that you normally throw away is valuable. It can live its own 99 lives. Here's how to use it to punch your ticket to vegetative financial freedom. Read More >>