Bishop Wants Locals to do God’s Lawnmowing

All those lovely bits of lawn around churches and all the nice old yew trees should be opened up for public management, according to the bishop of Carlisle, who would like to see the CofE's many polite green spaces tended by community groups for the benefit of their physical and mental health. Read More >>

Doctors Told to Prescribe More Gardening

The UK's new health secretary is already bringing the ideas from his notebook to the political stage, with one of Matt Hancock's first pronouncements being an increase in the amount of money set aside in the health budget for "social prescribing" – the art of GPs sending people away with the key to an allotment or a voucher for a local samba class. Read More >>

This Autonomous Garden Would Roll Its Way to the Perfect Plot

If you lack the skills to keep plants alive, this architectural concept might appeal. Called Hortum Machina B, the sphere contains electronics that enable it to sense its surroundings and move in order to keep its internal garden healthy. Read More >>

A Tower PC for Your Less Than Legal Hobbies…

Gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby. But sometimes, depending on your choice of crops, you need to keep that hobby under wraps. And that’s where The Server Farm comes in. It looks like a vanilla desktop PC, but instead of electronics, inside you’ll find grow lights, reflection panels, and a compact watering system. Read More >>

Parrot’s New Gadgets Take Care of Your Plants Automatically

Makers of all things various, Parrot, is ramping up its line of plant-care gadgets with two new products, which will be released later this year: Parrot Pot and Parrot H2O. They'll take care of your plants for weeks on end so you don't have to. Read More >>

Cannabis Plants Sprouting in the Wilds of… Central London

Activists have been spreading cannabis seeds around the city of London, as some sort of protest about drug laws. And plenty have been growing, with plants around two feet tall apparently spotted along the South Bank and around the Tower of London. Time to reap what others have sown. [Standard] Read More >>

Retired Englishman Sculpts Hedge Into a 100-Foot-Long Dragon

John Brooker is a retired English gardener who one day got tired of looking at a straight hedge. After ten years of meticulous work he has transformed that straight hedge into an awesome 100-foot-long, 10-foot-tall dragon. Read More >>

Gardener Claims He Hasn’t Watered His Flourishing Biosphere Since 1972

If you can't raise a plant to save your life you know the appeal of terrariums, which can sustain themselves for months on end without being watered. But a retiree from Surrey says he sealed up his bottle garden in 1972—and hasn't watered it since. Read More >>

The New Click & Grow Herb Garden Does Everything but Harvest Itself

Click and Grow's second generation home hydroponic system launches today that, like its predecessor, provides urban gardeners an organic, pesticide-free, and nearly autonomous herb garden. Except the new Smart Herb Garden doesn't need a bright window spot—it includes its own miniature sun. Read More >>

A Fold-Flat Watering Can Designed For Your Cramped Balcony Garden

If you live in a flat in a big city, and have managed to find a little room on your tiny balcony for a modest garden, you probably don't have much space left for the tools needed to toil over your cramped crops. So inventor Marc R. came up with this rather clever soft sided watering can called the Squish that's thin and easy to store when it's empty. Read More >>

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How to Grow a Garden in a Garment Box

Cultivating an indoor garden is surprisingly easy these days, even if your studio apartment is only slightly bigger than a shoe box. And with a bit of resourcefulness and some minor MacGyvering, you can grow fresh produce year-round without sacrificing precious wardrobe-space. Read More >>

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Growing Plants Just Got A Lot Smarter with Parrot’s Flower Power

Parrot, a company more famous for making the AR Drone, is attempting to smarten up your garden with the Flower Power. It's a Bluetooth sensor that looks like a cute little tree branch that you place inside your flower pot to measure sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertiliser. Basically, you'll know exactly what each of your plants need in real time. Read More >>

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Green Gifts for the Urban Gardener

It doesn't matter whether the gardener on your Christmas shopping list has a green thumb or black, works a four-acre garden or is a windowsill herb planter; these tools will help make their victory garden a winner. Read More >>

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Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Review: Now Anyone Can Be a Master Gardener

What's the opposite of a "green thumb"? You. After flubbing a forest's worth of ficuses and killing countless cacti, it's time to get some help with this whole indoor gardening thing. The Koubachi plant sensor might just get your houseplants through the week. Read More >>