Gatwick Airport Gets Vodafone 5G as Part of 5-Year Plan to Be the UK’s Leading Smart Airport

Gatwick airport's South Terminal is getting 5G coverage thanks to Vodafone, and it's not just the passengers who'll benefit. Read More >>

Starbucks Is Letting You Borrow Cups at Gatwick for Free and You Just Know They’ll Get Stolen

In an effort to do its bit for the environment, Starbucks is trialling reusable cups for its customers at Gatwick airport, saying that it could cut down on 7,000 paper cups if people cooperate. Read More >>

Gatwick Airport is Trialling Adorable Robot Valets

Flying at Gatwick will soon be way more fun, as a ridiculously sweet robot called Stan will park your car for you. Read More >>

Here’s the Fire That’s Causing So Much Gatwick Airport Chaos

People who have been looking forward to soaring out of the UK while sipping overpriced G and Ts out of plastic cups and silently hoping to join the mile-high club have been left either extremely annoyed or worried by a blaze on a bit of railway track near Gatwick Airport station. Read More >>