Combine Gatwick and EasyJet for the UK’s Longest Flight Delays

Analysis of Civil Aviation Authority data covering the summers of 2015 and 2016 has revealed the most-delayed flights and the most delay-hit airports in the UK and Ireland, with the losers being the easily guessable combination of (a) EasyJet and (b) Gatwick. Read More >>

Gatwick Leaves Bags Behind to Make Everyone Extra Miserable This Weekend

Gatwick airport has been deliberately sending people off to their destinations without their bags this morning, because its baggage system wasn't working properly for a few hours. Read More >>

Bluetooth Beacons Are Now Helping People Navigate Gatwick Airport

Beacons are nothing new, but Gatwick Airport is throwing itself into using the technology in quite a major way, installing 2000 battery-powered devices to help provide location data. Beacons are useful when GPS can't work - indoors, mainly - and allow the airport to provide a variety of services via apps. Read More >>

BA to Squeeze 52 More Passengers on Some 777 Routes

British Airways thinks it can get loads more people on an aeroplane, by rejigging the internals of some of its Boeing 777s to increase the number of seats on an economy row from nine to ten. Read More >>

Gatwick Back in Business After Apparent Runway Hole is Patched

A brief spell of hell travelling in and around the south of England appears to be over, as the operators of Gatwick airport say they've patched up an alleged hole that opened up in the site's main runway. Read More >>

Airports Commission Torpedoes Boris Island

The long-running series of meetings looking at how to expand London's air travel bandwidth has ruled out the "Boris Island" option, with the Airports Commission officially eliminating the Thames Estuary hub plan from its options for future expansion. Read More >>

Plane Diverts to Gatwick as Passenger Throws Food and Prosthetic Leg at Cabin Staff

A Thomson Airlines flight from Tunisia to Edinburgh was forced to land at Gatwick, after a passenger went berserk. Swearing was recorded, food was thrown and a prosthetic leg was also reportedly chucked at the flight team. Read More >>

Tesco Wants You to Do Your Shopping By Just Scanning Virtual Shelves With Your Phone

Grocery shopping's such a bore, but what if you could just whip out your smartphone, take pictures of what you want, and have it delivered direct to your humble abode. That's what Tesco wants you to do on your way through Gatwick. Read More >>