Gatwick Drone Attackers Seem to Have Got Away With it

Sussex Police has released an update on the progress of its investigation into the great 2018 Gatwick airport shutdown, and, well, it still doesn't seem to have much of an idea who was responsible or what if any point was being made. Read More >>

Gatwick Plans to Open its Secret/Spare/Emergency Runway for Full Time Use

2019 is a key year for the operator of Gatwick airport, as it's when a 40-year agreement not to run flights on its second runway at the same time as its main runway expires. And bosses have wasted no time in preparing a planning application asking to be allowed to do just that. Read More >>

Gatwick-Bound Airbus A320 Forced to Evade Drone

The pilot of an Airbus A320 coming in to land at Gatwick back in April was buzzed by a drone, it's been revealed by the air traffic safety watchdog, with the machine getting so close that the plane was forced to change course in a minor aerial panic. Read More >>

Gatwick Boss Expands on Drone Attack “Insider” Theory

Gatwick's chief operating officer Chris Woodroofe is about to star on BBC's Panorama, where he'll make the claim that the drone chaos that struck the airport late last year was almost certainly an inside job. Read More >>

Good Old “Disgruntled Employee” Theory Attached to Gatwick Drone Attacker

Investigators from Sussex Police and helpers from the government have leaked their current thinking on last year's Gatwick shutdown, with investigators now leaning towards blaming a furious former or perhaps current employee for causing the aerial melt. Read More >>

DJI is Updating its Geofencing to Keep Your Drones Away From Airport Runways

DJI would prefer its drones didn't stop you getting on your flight, so it's updating the geofencing system it uses to stop urchins flying drones where they shouldn't be. Read More >>

Drone Expert Obviously Saw the Gatwick Shutdown Coming

A prominently placed industry insider within the drone universe saw all the Gatwick fuss coming, he says, adding that Gatwick should've done more to prevent the airport outage from happening and really ought to have got up and running again in less than three days. Read More >>

Gatwick and Heathrow Invest in Huge Iron Stable Door Bolts

The operators of Heathrow and Gatwick have coincidentally both had the same amazing idea at the same time. One you won't believe. It just came to them out of nowhere over Christmas – they're buying in anti-drone technology. This will totally stop any airport being closed for 36 hours. Read More >>

Gatwick Drone Investigators Say Some Drone Sightings May Have Been Good Police Anti-Drone Drones

Sussex police are laying the groundwork for declaring the Gatwick drone shutdown one of the most bizarre crimes of a very bizarre year, with investigators currently saying that some drone sightings may have been of the good kind of police drone that was launched to investigate the original reports of rogue manbaby toys buzzing the airport. Read More >>

Police Have a Crashed Gatwick Drone in Custody But Aren’t Ruling Out Mass Delusion

The police are role playing fantasy scenarios in the wake of the Gatwick drone shutdown, even entertaining the idea that maybe there wasn't a drone at all and it was all a sort of crazed word of mouth paranoia. After all, no one seems to have any video or photos of the things. Read More >>

Two Arrested in Drone Incident That Disrupted Hundreds of Flights at Gatwick Aiport [Update: Released Without Charge]

Following a drone incident that grounded planes and disrupted operations at the UK’s second-largest airport just days ahead of Christmas, officials say they have made two arrests in connection with the event. Read More >>

Mystery Drone Still on the Loose at Gatwick Airport, But Flights Resume Anyway

Flights have resumed at London’s Gatwick Airport after a full day of cancellations yesterday due to a mysterious drone that was spotted repeatedly in the area. Flying drones near an airport is illegal because flights are unable to take off and land due to possible collisions. The military was even called out to search for the drone operator, but they still have no idea who’s behind this deliberate disruption of a major transportation hub. Read More >>

£32 For a Sit Down in Gatwick’s Newest Posh Lounge

Gatwick's South Terminal is the latest part of our airport infrastructure to be diseased by a stupidly expensive luxury pre-flight seating area, with the aspirational chairs of No1 Lounges taking over another key spot in the departures zone. Read More >>

Gatwick Might Do Itself a Second Runway Anyway

The generations-long fuss about expanding London's airport capacity may be about to take a new turn south, as perennial second option Gatwick could soon trump rival Heathrow's expansion plans by bringing a second runway online before Heathrow's new strip is completed. Read More >>

Passengers Forced to Squint at Terrible Staff Handwriting After Gatwick’s Info Screens Fail

Air travel isn't the most pleasant experience in the world. You have to get to the airport, deal with security, then hang around the overpriced shops and cafes while waiting for the gate information to pop up on a big electronic screen. So imagine the horror that must be unfolding at Gatwick today, where staff have been forced to roll out whiteboards and markers after an IT fail rendered those big screens inoperable. Read More >>