GCHQ ‘Over-Achieved’ its Development of Offensive Cyber Capabilities

A new report from the Intelligence and Security Committee claims that the GCHQ has substantially increased its hacking abilities over the past few years. So much so that the Committee claims the spy organisation has "over-achieved". Read More >>

“Nonsense, Utterly Ridiculous & Should Be Ignored” – GCHQ On Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Intelligence agency GCHQ has had to take time out of its day to specifically refute Donald Trump's claims that it wiretapped Trump Tower during the election. Read More >>

The UK Has A New Cyber Security HQ

The government's new National Cyber Security Centre officially opens today in Victoria, London - with the ribbon being cut by renowned cybersecurity expert, the Queen. Read More >>

GCHQ Cyber Accelerator Funds Seven Anti-Hacking Startups

Seven startups focusing on issues to do with things that start with the word "cyber" are now funded by our intelligence service and government, with the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator scheme open for business. Read More >>

UK Spies Have Been Abusing Their Powers to Send Birthday Cards

Dirty new documents obtained by Privacy International show that the MI5, MI6 and GCHQ have been collecting a lot more data than we’ve previously been led to believe, as well as abusing their powers to ridiculous lengths. While the government has insisted that only suspected criminals are being tracked by the agencies, the papers reveal that people "unlikely to be of intelligence or security interest" are also being widely monitored, and that ministers have known about this since the late 1990s. Read More >>

Government Hoping Investigatory Powers Bill v2.0 is Toned-Down Enough to Stick

The revised Investigatory Powers Bill is set to be unveiled today, with the ministers behind it hopeful that their tweaked version will be accepted in parliament and introduced in practice before the end of the year. Read More >>

Here are the Solutions to GCHQ’s Christmas Puzzle

GCHQ has handed out the answers to the charming cryptocard its director Robert Hannigan sent out for Christmas, revealing that literally no one got all of it right. Three people came quite close, mind, winning themselves a... GCHQ paperweight and a copy of the biography of Alan Turing. Read More >>

GCHQ Spies Collect Too Much of Our Data For Their Own Good

Edward Snowden has shown that he’s still an almighty pain in GCHQ’s backside by leaking a document that describes the spy agency’s approach to data-collection. The ‘Data Mining Research Problem Book’ is essentially a top secret manual designed to help spies, well, spy. Read More >>

Not One of You Was Clever Enough to Solve the GCHQ Christmas Puzzle

Ahead of Christmas, GCHQ stepped up its recruitment efforts released a complex series of cryptographic puzzles, which the agency invited members of the public to solve before the end of January. Unfortunately, with the deadline now behind us, the spies have revealed that not one hopeful managed to complete all five challenges. Read More >>

Intelligence Agencies Said to Have Hacked Israeli Drone Feeds

A new report reveals that intelligence agencies from the UK and US have in the past hacked into the video feeds of Israeli drones and jets. The resulting images depict military operations around Gaza and drones that appear to carry weapons. Read More >>

Fancy Being Paid £250 to Become a Hacker? Apply to GCHQ’s Summer Schools

As part of its never-ending quest for fresh meat, GCHQ is trying to attract new cyber-talent by offering students £250 to attend one of its summer schools. The intelligence agency has four separate schemes spread out across the UK, and is inviting curious (or simply skint) over-18s to get stuck in. Read More >>

GCHQ is More Than Likely Secretly Monitoring Our Financial and Medical Records

Theresa May seems to think it’s absolutely fine for the government to secretly collect our data, yet still believe that telling us what sort of information we’re powerless to stop being hoovered up would be madness. The home secretary this week refused to confirm or deny whether the UK’s secret services have been accessing people’s financial and medical records, saying she didn’t want to "go down the route of giving information about the sort of data sets that are being acquired.” Read More >>

Can You Solve the Puzzles in GCHQ’s Nerdy Christmas Card?

In an attempt to get some positive coverage for a change, GCHQ has released a Christmas card and, naturally, it comes with a twist. Rather than featuring a black-and-white picture camera lens and the message, “Always thinking about you,” the card comes with a rather clever puzzle, alongside a series of instructions and Adoration of the Shepherds, a painting by one of Rembrandt's old pupils. Read More >>

Why are the UK Spies at GCHQ Advertising With Graffiti in Shoreditch?

The UK's streets have been covered in an unexpected form of graffiti. Pedestrians keeping half an eye on the pavements in locations like Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester will spot a special ad listing for a job at our nation's intelligence headquarters, GCHQ. Read More >>

UK Security Services to Get Extra Funding Following Paris Attacks

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to increase spending on the UK's intelligence and security forces, following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. Read More >>