Games Could Help Google’s 3D-Sensing Tango Tablet Become a Reality

Google's Project Tango lets pocket-sized computers see the world in 3D, which could lead to amazing things. Augmented reality shopping. Indoor navigation. Drones that don't crash into foreign objects. But Google project lead Johnny Lee admits that Tango hasn't seen much interest from phonemakers yet. What might change that? Games, he says. Read More >>

15 Insane Indie Game Controllers for Even Crazier Games

Video games are pretty: there's a TV, a handheld controller and some buttons, right? Not at the Game Developer Conference's Alt.Ctrl gallery. It's a hand-made arcade filled with bizarre, custom game controllers that defy convention. It's also the most fun I've had on a trade-show expo floor in years. Read More >>

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So This is What it’s Like to Get Burnt to a Crisp By Smaug the Dragon

At this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC), I stepped into the world of The Hobbit. I stood in Smaug the Dragon's cavernous lair. I cowered as the gigantic beast towered over me. The chance to go face-to-face with one of the most impressive CG creatures ever created, rendered using the most advanced graphics card in the world, is a pretty incredible experience. Read More >>

MWC 2015 and GDC 2015: What Were Your Favourite Announcements?

Well, we've earned our keep this week! The last seven days have been among the busiest in recent memory for the tech industry, with both Mobile World Congress 2015 and the Games Developer Conference taking place on opposite sides of the globe. And we've been there at both, bringing you all the latest news as it happens. Read More >>

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Valve vs. Sony: Who’s Got The Better VR Experience?

Ladies and gentlemen, we've got two front-runners in the virtual reality race. Sony's Project Morpheus and the HTC Vive are the best VR we've ever seen. Both let you actually reach out and grab objects, unlike the Oculus Rift. But which of these two technological marvels is the most promising? Read More >>

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Gabe Newell Says Vive VR Steam Headset Won’t Make You Sick

Virtual reality is coming. With a raft of announcements from Sony, HTC, Valve and Oculus, it's so close you can almost taste the fake bowl of fruit sitting beyond the lenses of the goggle. But one problem has to be nailed before consumers will trust VR, and that's the issue of motion sickness. Valve's Gabe Newell claims the Steam-focussed HTC Vive has cracked it. Read More >>

Sony VR Chiefs Talks Schoolgirl Simulators, the Dangers of Mobile VR and the End of Headaches

Having knackered ourselves out enjoying the new and improved Project Morpheus virtual-reality prototype demos at the Game Developers Conference, we grabbed 15 minutes with Sony's two VR pied pipers: Worldwide Studios boss-cum-fan-pleasing indie-game mascot Shuhei Yoshida (pictured above) and senior director of R&D Richard Marks, away from the faceless throng to discuss VR's past, present and exciting future. Read More >>

Nvidia Just Announced Its Own Android TV Games Console

Remember the Nvidia Shield, the gaming handheld? How about the Nvidia Shield, the Android gaming tablet? Soon you'll be able to replace them both with the Nvidia Shield, the Android TV Console. Read More >>

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PlayStation to Strap Project Morpheus VR Headset to Our Faces in First Half of 2016

Sony has just announced we will be able to stick its long-anticipated Project Morpheus virtual reality headset on our faces in the first half of 2016. Read More >>