CES 2018: GE Wants to Hang a 27-inch Screen and a Camera Over Your Stove 

Screens dominate almost every room in our homes, but to date they’ve only made minor inroads into the kitchen. You’ll mostly find them sequestered onto tiny fridge doors, but GE wants to change that with its new Kitchen Hub range hood that hangs a 27-inch interactive screen over your stove. Read More >>

Google’s Plan to Make Assistant Actually Useful

Released last year, Google Assistant hasn’t really proven itself useful outside of checking the weather, searching Google, or setting an alarm using voice commands. So far it’s been limited to just basic features that are more than matched by other smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. But Google is trying to change that. Read More >>

Amazon’s Alexa Voice-Assistant Is Now in a Weirdo Lamp Because Why Not

If you’ve ever wanted to talk to your lamp, GE’s new C by GE lamp has Alexa baked right in. Amazon has licensed its Alexa assistant to a slew of different gadgets, but this is the first lighting product to feature the voice-controlled service. Read More >>

This Machine Uses Focussed Electrons to Slice Aerospace-Grade Titanium in Minutes

Cutting large lumps of aerospace-grade metals can be hard work. So GE has developed a tool called Blue Arc which uses a high-speed beam of electrons to cut through titanium alloy 15 times faster than other techniques. Read More >>

Watch a Snowball Miraculously Survive a Bath in Molten Steel

So just how heat-resistant are the highly-engineered materials developed for use in things like jet engines, nuclear reactors, and gas turbines? Tough enough to change the meaning of the old saying, “a snowball’s chance in hell.” Apparently, its odds are quite good of surviving—when dressed appropriately. Read More >>

GE’s New £7,000 App-Powered Pizza Oven is All I’ve Ever Wanted in Life

Imagine a world where pizza didn’t come from the pizza store. Imagine if you could pop down into your spacious kitchen, toss some toppings on dough, and throw it all into your very own internet-connected pizza oven. This future is finally possible — but it’s expensive. Read More >>

GE’s New Connected Lightbulbs Automatically Adjust for Healthy Living

It’s well known that lighting affects your mood. To that end, GE is launching a new line of connected LED lightbulbs aimed at healthy living. The new line, C by GE, works without a hub and automatically changes the temperature of the light based on time of day. Read More >>

We Can Now See Stunning Real-Time 4D Images of the Heart

X-rays, the technology that allows us to peer inside the human body in real-time, can only be used for limited durations for safety reasons. So GE has developed new software that instead relies on ultrasound, which is safe for even foetuses, to generate real-time 3D views of our internal organs. Read More >>

3d printing
GE 3D-Printed a Miniature Jet Engine That Runs at 33,000 RPM

Curious about just how far they could take the company’s additive manufacturing technology, engineers at GE Aviation’s Additive Development Center successfully created a simple jet engine, made entirely from 3D printed parts, that was able to rev up to 33,000 RPM. Read More >>

3d printing
This is the First 3D-Printed Part That’s Approved for a Jet Engine

3D printing has just reached another major milestone as the US Federal Aviation Administration has officially approved GE’s T25 as the first 3D printed part cleared for use on a commercial jet engine. Read More >>

This Stamp-Sized Sensor Can Sniff Out Explosives Using RFID Tags

Detecting explosives is, obviously, an important task – but many of the sensors are large and require manual operation. So GE's tiny and affordable new RFID sensor could help automate the process, to help keep us safe without much in the way of man power. Read More >>

monster machines
GE’s “Point and Shoot” Microscope Snaps Spectacular Cellular Shots

The microscopic worlds contained within a droplet of water are just as fascinating—and just as inaccessible to humans—as the farthest reaches of space. But the universe of the very small is now a little closer thanks to a highly-automated, cell counting microscope-camera hybrid from GE. Read More >>

This New Barista Fridge Has a Keurig Coffee Machine Built Right Into the Door

You can complain about the quality of the coffee they produce all you want, but now that those pod-based Keurig hot beverage machines come built right in to GE's new Café French Door refrigerator, they aren't going to disappear anytime soon. Read More >>

Awesome GIFs of Our Insides Made by GE’s Superfast New CT Scanner 

In September, a Floridian hospital got a very cool (and very important) new tool: the very first "superfast" body scanner designed by scientists at GE. The team at the hospital – West Kendall Baptist – just wrapped up a study of the machine and the images and GIFs that resulted are spectacular. Read More >>