Samsung Gear S Review: But I Don’t Want to be Dick Tracy

Samsung started the smartwatch push in earnest with its over-the-top Galaxy Gear just last year. Now, some six smartwatches later, Samsung is releasing one that can make its own calls. The Gear S is a tiny phone on your wrist. But is that really a good idea? Read More >>

Rumour: Samsung Gear S Delayed in the UK

Samsung has reportedly delayed the UK release of the Gear S smartwatch to the second week of November. No official reason has been given, which isn't surprising seeing as Samsung didn't actually announce a release date for it in the first place. If true, we'd assume it's a "meet demand" issue. [SamMobile] Read More >>

Opera Mini Browser Wants to Make the Internet Work on Samsung’s Gear S

Owners of Samsung's most recent attempt at doing a smartwatch will soon have access to a full web browser, thanks to Opera putting together a version of its mobile-themed Opera Mini browser for the device's Tizen OS -- and releasing it exclusively via Samsung's own app store. Read More >>

Samsung Gear S Hands On: A Tiny Phone That’s Still Big on Your Wrist

Last week, Samsung announced the Gear S: A Tizen-powered, curved screen smartwatch with a data connection that can take calls all by itself. We just got to see it in person, and man that curved screen is cool, but the rest of it not so much. Read More >>

The Samsung Gear S Gets a Smartwatch Keyboard You Might Actually Use

Fleksy has created a keyboard to work with the upcoming Samsung Gear S. Will it make typing on a tiny smartwatch screen anything other than completely awkward? It's too soon to say. Read More >>

Samsung’s Gear S Smartwatch Has its Own 3G Connection for Tizen-Powered Notifications

Your usual smartwatches are all fine and dandy, but separate them from a paired smartphone and they're only as useful as a standard wristwatch with a couple of hours battery. Few have their own cellular connection with which to pull in data and notifications, making them all but useless without a phone to support them. Samsung's latest wearable effort, the Gear S, bucks that trend by having its own 3G connection. Read More >>