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All the Must-Have Gifts for Any Gears of War Fan

After a few years of absence, the Gears of War franchise is back with the fourth main instalment heading to Xbox and PC gamers in a couple of days time (there's also a film on the way). So to commemorate, let's take a look at the best Gears-themed gear you can get your hands on. Read More >>

Don’t Mess With Microsoft or it Will Do Scary Things to Your Xbox One

And lo it was the fifth day, being Friday, and the news didst emerge that the mighty Microsoft wast displeased with the week's events thus far. The Xbox One deity had taken a dim view of nefarious individuals who'd had the temerity to leak details and footage the Gears of War Xbox One remaster. Read More >>

The Most Obscenely Expensive Gaming DLC Ever

You like games! We like games! But does anyone like games enough to pay this much? Time was, when video games were released, developers frontloaded them with the best possible content they were capable of producing. This is because back in the pre-online days, once a game was finished, it sat on a player’s shelf gathering dust. Read More >>

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What Does Microsoft’s New E3 Xbox One Teaser Tell Us?

Microsoft's busted out a teaser trailer for its E3 event next week. While we saw a lot about the hardware at its official unveiling, arguably the most important bit, the games, were left for E3. So, what does the video tell us? More Gears of War, Forza and Halo, apparently. Read More >>

Lancing a Slice of Wedding Bliss In True Gears of War-Style

Here at Gizmodo, we've seen some crazy wedding ideas recently, but nothing quite beats this. Why not celebrate how you and your partner met while butchering cutting the cake? Having come together playing Gears of War, that's exactly what this couple did -- slice up their wedding cake with a full size retro lancer. Read More >>

Latest-Gen iPod Nano Is Your Sozzlepops, Puke-Green-Only-Guyz Deal of the Day

Normally whenever an MP3 player appears on the scene for less than £50, it’s a shoddy affair. Menus that are hard to navigate, a crappy display and/or the music falls out of the bottom of the thing and ends up all over your shoes. Read More >>

Bricks of War
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Watch Lego Marcus Blast the Horde a New One in Bricks of War

Something for your lunchtime viewing pleasure -- Bricks of War, a Lego stop motion Gears of War clip. Watch as Marcus dodges bullets, takes cover and blasts away the vile Horde. Read More >>

Shadowgun for iPhone and iPad: Grinding the Gears of War

Now look, we’re not ones to judge. Shadowgun is a third-person shooter that’s blatantly, obviously a complete Gears of War rip-off. Developers Madfinger Games have been rummaging around the dustbins behind Epic HQ, and they’re using the old imitation/flattery chestnut to dance around the inevitable opprobrium. Read More >>