Psychic Terrorist Uri Geller Claims Responsibility for Parliamentary Leak

Self-certified psychic Uri Geller says he's taking the Brexit disruption process into his own hands, and is claiming responsibility for the leak in parliament yesterday that disrupted our perpetual state of politics. Read More >>

Uri Geller Suggests Starting a Telepathic War on Brexit

Uri Geller has come up with an idea about how to get the right sort of Brexit everyone wants – thinking really hard about it and bombarding Theresa May with telepathic messages. Apparently this works? Read More >>

Uri Geller Claims “Mind Powers” Might be Behind iPhone 6 Bendgate

Everyone's favourite pretend psychic has weighed in on the "bendgate" iPhone 6 scandal, and seeing as he's one of the world's foremost benders we really ought to listen to what he has to say. Read More >>