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Everyone Is Equally Rude to Their Smart Speakers but Women Mind Their Ps and Qs

A recent survey claims that smart speakers' voice assistants understand men more than women, and that women are more polite, but the questions rely on subjective answers and interpretations of what participants are being asked. Read More >>

Ship Museum Says Boats Aren’t Women Any More

Boats and ships in the care of the Scottish Maritime Museum are about to be subtly renamed, as it's been decided to stop imagining the boats as bizarre metal women of the sea, and end the practise of referring to boats as her/she. Read More >>

US Airlines Will Offer New Gender Options Beyond ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ for Non-Binary Flyers

Many U.S. airlines say they’re in the process of updating their booking systems in order to allow non-binary customers to use pronouns other than “male” or “female.” Read More >>

Women Are More Likely to Die From a Heart Attack If Their Doctor Is Male

There’s a strange gender paradox at the heart of cardiovascular disease. Men are more likely to be diagnosed with a heart condition in their lifetime than women, but diagnosed women are less likely to survive. A study out today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences offers a new theory for this disparity: It suggests that men, who account for the majority of doctors, are worse at treating women heart attack patients than their female counterparts. Read More >>

East Dunbartonshire is the Best Place in the UK for Women, Apparently

If you're a woman and fed up of falling victim to that gender pay gap in your local area, you may want to consider packing your bags and heading for Scotland: East Dunbartonshire has been voted the best place for women to live in the UK thanks to a recent BBC Radio 4 poll. Read More >>

Tinder Introduces More Inclusive Gender Options

Today, Tinder introduced a new update that expands the platform’s gender options. Now, instead of choosing between “man” or “woman,” a user can search for and add any term that reflects their gender identity. Read More >>

Microsoft is Being Sued for Sex Discrimination

Remember when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told women not to ask for raises, but to “have faith” that they’d get one eventually? According to a class-action suit against Microsoft, this kind of talk was just par for the course at a company that undervalues women and does little to discourage sexual harassment. Read More >>

Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site

When hacker group Impact Team released the Ashley Madison data, they asserted that “thousands” of the women’s profiles were fake. Later, this number got blown up in news stories that asserted “90-95%” of them were fake, though nobody put forth any evidence for such an enormous number. So I downloaded the data and analysed it to find out how many actual women were using Ashley Madison, and who they were. Read More >>

Facebook Finally Stops Trying to Restrict What Gender You Can Choose

A little over a year ago, Facebook finally did away with its highly restrictive gender options. (It was male, female, or nothing.) But instead of being open-ended, the social network would still only let you choose from among a list of 56 options. Now, after catching some flak, Facebook is finally offering infinite options. You can type whatever you want into the gender field. Read More >>

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This is What Eight-Year-Old Boys Do When They’re Told to Slap a Girl

The public service announcement is emotionally manipulative and strategically pulls at the most basic things everyone likes (cute kids! young love!) and might even be scripted and is definitely edited nicely but still, the message is something that even children know to be true: Domestic violence is not okay. Read More >>

Google+ Now Handles Gender Way Better Than Facebook

Google+ just announced a simple tweak to its profile settings that lets you completely customise the gender field in your profile. In the past, you could select male, female, or other. Now, Google offers male, female, decline to state, and custom, which prompts you to describe your gender however you'd like. Good job Google+! Read More >>

Sweden Looking at Rating Video Games Out of Ten for Sexism

Swedish video game trade body Dataspelsbranchen is investigating ways it can make the internet's response to video game sexism even worse, by adding labels to games that rate how well they portray women and treat gender issues. Read More >>

Would You Rather Own a Boy Robot or a Girl Robot?

Before long we'll have personal robots available to help with tasks, safety, companionship, and more. To that I say Hell yeah! I can't wait to outsource all the boring parts of my life to androids. But here's the question: Will those droids be created male, female, or something less gender-stereotyped? Read More >>

Facebook Users Get Custom Gender Options for the Very First Time

For the many who identify as neither male nor female, Facebook has finally heard you. Starting today, those using Facebook in US English will be able to select a custom gender field with no less than 10 different identification terms. Read More >>