Tidal Lagoon Power Efforts Switch to the River Mersey

The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon plan may have flopped due to money issues a couple of years back, but now there's fresh impetus behind a new scheme to deliver power from reliable daily tidal action and an all-new potential location: Merseyside. Read More >>

Thousands Complain About the Misselling of Solar Panels

The Financial Ombudsman Service is sitting on a vast backlog of complaints about underperforming solar installations, with around 2,000 UK citizens staring at their electricity statements and wondering what happened to all the free money they had been led to expect would come from sticking panels on and around their homes. Read More >>

UK Power Generation to Go Coal-Free by 2025

The UK's Department of Energy & Climate Change has had an idea on how to stop us melting bits of Greenland every time we cave in and put the kettle on for something to do -- binning all of our coal-fired power stations. Read More >>

Government Pledges £2bn to Support Hinkley Point’s Nuclear Future

The first new nuclear power station in the UK for more than 20 years looks like finally going ahead after several false starts, thanks to the government agreeing to "guarantee" part of the debt for the project to the tune of £2bn. Read More >>

Wind Power in CRISIS as David Cameron Plans Attack on “Unsightly” Onshore Turbines

The modern electric windmill industry might be about to suffer an enormous setback, thanks to rumours that our PM is about to go public with a dislike of "unsightly" wind farms and could fight the 2015 election on a promise to rid the country of the menace of the turbines altogether. Read More >>

UK Dyson Award Winner Triumphs With “Multi-Axis Wave Energy Converter”

This year's Dyson Award winner from the UK category is Sam Etherington from Brunel University, who took it upon himself to casually invent a better method of generating electricity from the relentless action of the sea's waves. Read More >>

The UK’s 6-Megawatt Battery Could Power Your Phone For at Least Three Days

The UK is about to house the biggest battery in Europe, apparently, with a forthcoming installation at Leighton Buzzard part of a long-running experiment to find new ways to store energy generated by sustainable methods. Read More >>

Scientists Successfully Extract (Power From) The Urine

A team at the University of the West of England in Bristol have managed to produce "small amounts of energy" from a process that steadily feeds Microbial Fuel Cells with wee. Read More >>