These Teenage Girls from Africa Made a Urine Powered Generator

When I was a teenager, I don't think I ever imagined doing anything other than playing video games and eating junk food. Luckily, these teenage girls weren't me because they've developed a generator that can be powered with urine. Yep, it's pee-powered. Read More >>

Why It Takes So Long to Fix a Power Outage

A storm this weekend knocked out power to millions of buildings in the mid-Atlantic region. About 443,000 lost electricity in the Washington, DC area in the US, and over 200,000 outages occurred in southern New Jersey. The utilities that serve those two markets, Pepco and Atlantic City Electric — say it might take until midnight on Friday, July 6, before everyone gets back online. July 6th? Are you kidding? Why does it take so long? Read More >>