Humans Have Even More Neanderthal DNA Than We Realised

A international team of researchers has completed one of the most detailed analyses of a Neanderthal genome to date. Among the many new findings, the researchers learned that Neanderthals first mated with modern humans a surprisingly long time ago, and that humans living today have more Neanderthal DNA than we assumed. Read More >>

Predict What Your Future Children Look Like in “Virtual Embryos”

Remember those slightly horrifying sites that mash up two faces to tell you what your hypothetical babies might look like? With genome sequencing and "virtual embryos," we might actually be able to do that—using science. Read More >>

Genetic sequencing
NHS Is Poorly Equipped For Incoming ‘Genetic Revolution’

The 'genetic revolution' is almost here and the NHS isn't ready. The cost of sequencing your DNA has dropped dramatically. Now with bespoke genetic screening, we have the ability to tailor treatments to the patient, battle cancer and rare disease. Read More >>