These Three New GM Crops Will Change How We Farm

Three of the world’s most troubling crop diseases were just hit with three new disease-resistant crops varieties, thanks to genetic modification—each with a slightly different mechanism. The details of these modifications appear in three new papers out today in Nature Biotechnology. Read More >>

Why the US Government Says it Doesn’t Need to Regulate This Mutant Mushroom

A mushroom that’s resistant to browning has become the first CRISPR-edited food to get green lit by the US government. Here’s how this mutated fungus managed to escape Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversight — and why this agency needs to upgrade its regulatory guidelines. Read More >>

Why We’ll Eventually Have to Accept Designer Babies

This month a historic summit on human gene-editing gave the go-ahead for scientists in the US to experiment on human genes — only if it doesn’t result in a pregnancy. It’s a surprisingly progressive stance. But make no mistake, human trait selection is coming. Here’s why we’ll eventually accept the prospect of genetically modified “designer babies”. Read More >>

Corn Grown in Space Caves Could be the Future of Farming

A new discovery could take corn farming to perhaps the last place you'd expect to see it: in underground mines and caves. Perhaps, eventually, even to other planets. It sounds like science fiction, but it's real, and it could drastically change the future of food production as we know it. Read More >>