Genius Sues Google for Allegedly Stealing Lyrics After Busting It With Hidden Code, ‘Red Handed’

Genius has filed a lawsuit against Google alleging that the tech giant copied lyrics from its song-annotation platform. Read More >>

Genius Claims It Busted Google Stealing by Hiding a Secret Code in Lyrics That Spells ‘Red Handed’

For the first few years of its existence, Genius (formerly Rap Genius) featured annotated song lyrics on its platform without permission of music publishers. Now Genius is accusing Google of stealing its content without permission. And it’s used an ingenious mechanism to catch Google in the act. Read More >>

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How a Genius Lived in a Storage Locker for £160 a Month

Actually trying to live out of a cheap storage locker goes against every single legal document you have to sign in order to rent it out, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, as YouTuber 007craft demonstrates. Read More >>

Brilliant Beer Mug Won’t Block the TV While You Chug

Make no bones about it, life is a struggle. From navigating the daily rat race, to raising a family, to trying to watch TV while enjoying a frosty brew from a giant mug. Every time you take a sip, the other side of the mug usually blocks your view, but not with the brilliantly engineered TV Beer Mug. Read More >>

Genius Clamp Ensures You’ll Always Win the Bed Cover Wars

Do you find yourself going to war every time you climb into bed at night? Fighting with your significant other over the sheets and duvet, trying to ensure you stay covered all night? The Cover Clamp permanently tips the odds of victory in your favour, ensuring you’ll never again wake up uncovered and cold. Read More >>

The Greatest Innovation in Travel Lets You Drag Your Suitcase With No Hands

You can never have enough free hands at the airport for juggling your boarding pass, your passport, your coffee, your snacks, and your carry-on bag. The solution to that problem came to amateur inventor Robert Lian while he was waiting for a flight one day. What about a plastic tail that let travellers tow their luggage like a trailer? Read More >>

This is the Most Brilliant Way to Smuggle a Beer

The immense popularity of Starbucks means that every other person you see on the street is holding one of its highly recognisable green and white paper cups. So what better way could there be to hide a can of beer in plain sight than with this special plastic lid that lets you camouflage it inside a coffee cup? Read More >>

Brilliant Garment-Saving App Translates Those Confusing Laundry Tag Symbols

When laundry day finally rolls around, how often do you follow those washing care instructions included on garment tags? Never, right? Because those obscure symbols might as well be hieroglyphics. But a new app called Laundry Care works like a smartphone Rosetta Stone to automatically translate them for you. Read More >>

An Emergency Roll of Gaffer Tape is the Only Keychain Tool You Really Need

There’s an entire industry dedicated to squeezing as many tiny tools as possible onto the keyring you carry every day. But the usefulness of miniature scissors or a petite pair of pliers can’t compare to the sheer number of repairs you can make with 45 cm (18 inches) of gaffer tape in your pocket. Read More >>

The Perfect Suitcase Transforms Into a Portable Wardrobe

For longer hotel stays, it makes life easier to put all your clothes in drawers instead of rifling through a tangled web of t-shirts, shorts, and shoes. Or, you could make things even easier with a suitcase that transforms into a pre-packed wardrobe. Read More >>

Now You Don’t Even Have to Boil Water to Make Perfect Pasta

Even those completely unskilled in the kitchen can manage to successfully boil a pot of water and make pasta. But Barilla doesn't want to stop there, it wants even those who can barely differentiate between a stove and a fridge to be able to make spaghetti, and so has created a new line of pastas called Pronto that don't even require you to boil water. Read More >>

Apple’s Genius Staff to Offer Buyers Fashion Advice to Help Pimp its Watch

The job of the Apple Store "Genius" is apparently about to change, with Apple asking its team of nodding drones to start offering fashion and lifestyle advice to sell prettier straps to potential buyers of the Apple Watch. Read More >>