London Street Art Covered By Anti-Gentrification Rant

The relentless march of gentrification has annoyed one Londoner enough that they've covered a really quite lovely street art mural with a badly-spaced rant. Read More >>

Facebook Spends $20 Million to Quiet Gentrification Critics Near Its Headquarters

Facebook is making good on its promise to build affordable housing near its headquarters in Menlo Park in San Francisco. The social media giant announced plans on Friday to build new housing in the area to offset concerns about the controversial 1.1 million square-foot expansion of its headquarters. Read More >>

Inside New York City’s Most Mysterious Architectural Time Capsule

For the past half a century, 190 Bowery has been a legend. The six-storey, 72-room former bank building on the fringes of New York's SoHo district looked like a war zone on the outside, crumbling and covered in graffiti. And the inside, the home of a photographer with insane real estate luck—well—nobody really knew what was inside. Until now. Read More >>

Even Researchers are Using Google Street View to Measure Gentrification

Google Street View is an excellent way to watch your neighbourhood change. In fact, we've conducted our own informal surveys of urban transformation in Detroit, San Francisco, and Brooklyn. While our investigations were based on casual observation, now a pair of sociologists from Harvard are using Google Street View data to measure gentrification—and predict if those trends will continue. Read More >>

What a Decade Has Done to New York City’s Classic Storefronts

Ten years after photographing countless storefronts for their popular book, Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York, James and Karla Murray are returning to the same addresses for an update. The contrast in the pairs of images, each a decade apart, is striking. Read More >>