Blobs in Earth’s Core Could Be Causing ‘Geomagnetic Jerks’ in the Magnetic Field

Every several years, magnetic field observatories record quick changes to the position or strength of the planet’s magnetic field, so-called geomagnetic jerks. The cause of these shifts has remained a mystery. Read More >>

Evidence Shows Earth’s Magnetic Field Once Flipped Very Quickly 

A new study analysing rock formations from 107,000 to 91,000 years ago has revealed something troubling: a strangely quick reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field in fairly recent history. Read More >>

Mysterious Aurora-Like Lights Above Canada Continue to Confuse Scientists

New research into a strange atmospheric effect known as STEVE has failed to associate its enigmatic lights with aurora, pointing to the presence of an entirely new type of atmospheric phenomenon. Read More >>

How Engineers Tested the Super-Sensitive Seismometer That Will Detect Quakes on Mars

If all goes according to plan, NASA’s Mars InSight mission will launch this weekend from California. Onboard the Atlas V-401 rocket is the InSight lander, a nearly 800-pound machine loaded up with cameras, a robotic arm, a heat probe, and a seismometer that, for the first time, will allow us to examine the inner structure of the Red Planet. Read More >>

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South Korea Establishes Official Time to Log Off That Sadly Just Applies to Government Workers

Over the course of the next three months, South Korea will shut down government computers progressively earlier on Friday nights. Read More >>

Scientists Are Building a Mini-Earth With 8 Tonnes of Spinning Liquid Sodium

Admit it, you don’t really understand why the Earth has a magnetic field. Sure, movement inside the Earth’s outer core is creating a electric current, generating a magnetic field through it. But what’s causing this movement? Read More >>

Citizen Scientists Discover New Feature of the Aurora Borealis

It wasn’t scientists who discovered the thin, purple, east-to-west travelling glow in the northern night sky. It was people with cameras and a nerdy passion for auroras. Read More >>

Let’s All Calm Down and Make Sense of That Antarctic Mantle Plume

Three decades ago, scientists began to study the possibility that there was a plume of hot rock coming up from the mantle, heating parts of Western Antarctica. Back in September, researchers published results of a model showing how such a plume might affect the Antarctic ice sheet. Yesterday, these headlines started to appear: Read More >>

Indonesian Island Prepares for Devastating Volcanic Eruption

This month has been marked with a staggering number of geological and meteorological catastrophes. Powerful hurricanes have pummelled the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, and a spate of earthquake events rocked Mexico. Now, geologists worry that seismic activity in Indonesia will lead to a powerful volcanic eruption. Read More >>

Quantum Mechanics Could Shake Up Our Understanding of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Earth’s magnetic field does way more than guide our compasses and cause occasional worry. It’s part of the reason there’s life at all on this planet—it protects us from harmful solar radiation that might otherwise blow our ozone layer away. Read More >>

Why Did Montana Experience a Powerful Earthquake Last Night?

Last night, planet Earth rumbled in a place where it usually doesn’t rumble: Montana, USA. But it also rumbled in the Philippines. Come to think of it, it rumbled in Vanuatu and Japan too. The Earth rumbles a lot. Read More >>

How Tiny Algae Helped Form the Famous White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover were formed almost 100 million years ago from the crushed shells of tiny single-celled algae. Now a team of scientists has identified the specific ocean conditions necessary for these sea creatures to thrive. Read More >>

There’s Something Strange Happening at the Bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet

For the first time, researchers have peered thousands of metres beneath Greenland’s glistening surface to map the bottom of the ice sheet. They were surprised to learn that it’s thawing all over the place. Read More >>

There’s a Secret Message Written Into the Sands of Mars

NASA has spotted something strange and beautiful in the sands of Mars—a remarkable dune field that looks eerily similar to Morse code. And it has a message for us. Read More >>

What Was Going On With Earth’s Magnetic Field A Billion Years Ago?

We know about our North and South poles, but what about an East, West, or slightly-to-the-left pole? According to new research published in Geophysical Research Letters, around 1 billion years ago, that might have been a possibility. Read More >>