Disturbing Data Visualisation Shows Just How Many People Would Die in a Nuclear War

Data visualisation artist Neil Halloran has a knack for turning incomprehensibly large and complex data sets into content that’s both coherent and engrossing. In his latest project, the filmmaker uses his skills to convey the unthinkable: the total number of deaths caused by an all-out nuclear war. Read More >>

‘Limited’ Nuclear Strikes Could Still Wreak Climate Havoc

With the Cold War a fading memory, some nuclear powers have adopted strategies allowing for limited nuclear strikes. But a disturbing new study shows that even small batches of nukes can have disastrous environmental consequences on a global scale. Read More >>

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This Video Explains What Happens When Nice Countries Fight

While the rest of the world engages in hostile warfare over disputed territory, Canada and Greenland are using a rather more polite method of asserting their claims over a Hans Island, an island between Canada and Greenland (a Danish territory) that both want to claim. Read More >>

Russian TV ‘Accidentally’ Leaks Footage of a Terrifying Classified Nuclear Torpedo Design

During a meeting of military officials in Sochi, Russian TV crews captured footage of a document not intended for public consumption. The supposedly “secret data,” which was subsequently shown on Russian television, revealed details of a “nuclear torpedo” designed to inflict “assured unacceptable damage” to enemy coastal installations. Read More >>