Germany’s Coronavirus-Tracking App Set to Release This Week as Nation Reopens

Germany will soon roll out its coronavirus-tracking smartphone app, the country’s health minister, Jens Spahn, announced Sunday. Read More >>

Germany Orders All Petrol Stations to Fit EV Charge Points

Germany is having a big go at pushing adoption of all-electric cars, as it's about to require all normal liquid fuel stations to install EV chargers so the local equivalent of Jeremy Clarkson may no longer complain about range anxiety, and may instead focus full-time on penis anxiety instead. Read More >>

Germany Says “Nein” to Tesla’s European Gigafactory

Tesla's had to make an emergency stop this week, after a court injunction ordered it to hit pause on building its new Gigafactory near Berlin. Read More >>

wuhan virus
Germany and Japan Report First Coronavirus Cases in People Who Haven’t Visited China

Germany and Japan have reported the first cases of a new SARS-like virus in people who haven’t recently visited China. The announcements, made on Tuesday, come as the number of confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV worldwide reached 4,587 and the death toll hit 106. Read More >>

Facebook Working On a Messenger Feature for Sorting Your Real Friends From Your Fake Friends

Facebook is prototyping a feature to mimic Instagram’s Close Friends feature, which allows users to share some content with a select group of friends rather than everyone they’re connected with on the platform – a feature that might prove helpful for anyone hoping to keep snoopers out of their feeds. Read More >>

German Police Raid Data Centre and Alleged Cybercrime Hub Based Out of Former NATO Bunker

German authorities raided a data centre based out of “former NATO bunker that hosted sites dealing in drugs and other illegal activities", the Associated Press reported on Friday, resulting in seven arrests. Read More >>

climate change
Germany’s New £48 Billion Climate Package Does the Bare Minimum

Germany appears to be listening to the millions of people around the world protesting climate inaction Friday. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Friday a $60 billion (£48 billion) climate package to transform the country by 2030. Read More >>

iOS 13 Will Finally Support NFC ID Scanning in a Few Countries

iPhones have had NFC chips since the iPhone 6, but previously, Apple only allowed NFC to be used for making purchases with Apple Pay. But in iOS 13, Apple is expanding the use of NFC to other apps, and even though iOS won’t officially be available until later this autumn, countries including Japan and Germany are already planning to allow citizens to scan in their ID cards via NFC on their iPhones. Read More >>

Giant Brawl Ensues After Duelling YouTubers Tell Their Fans to Meet Up

A dispute between two German YouTubers reportedly incited a public brawl between their respective fans on Thursday. Read More >>

Facebook Says It Needs to Collect All Your Data to Protect Against Terrorism and Child Abuse

Facebook was slapped with a ruling in Germany today that limits how the social media giant can collect data across its multiple platforms, like WhatsApp and Instagram. And Facebook is not happy about it, to say the least. The company says it’s collecting all of that data for your own good. They’re simply using their data sharing methods to protect you against terrorism and child abuse, according to Facebook. Seriously. Read More >>

Amazon Workers in Spain and Germany Announce Strikes Ahead of Christmas: ‘Change Must Come Now’

Following protests over workers’ rights across Europe during the Black Friday crunch last month, Amazon workers in Spain and Germany continue to strike ahead of Christmas. Multiple protests are planned over what workers and unions describe as poor work environments, anti-union tactics, and demanding conditions resulting in physical and emotional pain. Read More >>

This Brilliant Case Packs Built-in Springs to Protect Your Phone From Falls

I struggle with phone cases. On one hand, I’d like to protect my expensive handheld computer. But at the same time, I can’t stand ruining the look and feel of a phone with big, bulky hunks of plastic, which means my phones tend to be naked. But at long last, I think I’ve found a case so cool, I don’t care how ugly it is. Read More >>

This Viral Video of Ducks Waiting for a Green Light to Cross the Street Is Totally Fake

Have you seen this video of ducks in Germany waiting for a green light before they cross the street? It’s gone viral, getting tens of thousands of views on Twitter and over 2.5 million views on Facebook. But the video is totally fake. The ducks are computer generated. Read More >>

social media
Germany’s New Social Media Hate Speech Law is Now Being Enforced

2017 was the year public sentiment began to turn against massive tech conglomerates like Facebook and Google. But nowhere in the West has the backlash been bigger than Germany, which last year passed a sweeping anti-hate speech law requiring websites to promptly investigate reports of posts illegal under German law and delete them. On January 1st, 2018, the grace period before that law would begin being enforced by authorities expired. Read More >>

German Court Orders Amazon to Stop Advertising ‘Birkenstok’ Sandals

Amazon is no longer permitted to lure in customers who think famous shoe and sandal manufacturer Birkenstock is spelled “Brikenstock,” “Birkenstok,” “Bierkenstock,” or the like in Germany following a court ruling, Reuters reported this week. Read More >>