Getty Reckons Google Image Search Has Turned Us All Into Photography Pirates

The photo agency Getty Images is filing a complaint to the European Union’s antitrust commission, claiming that Google’s image search function has encouraged widespread image piracy. Read More >>

These High-Tech Archaeological Tools Will Help Rebuild Nepal’s History

As rescue efforts in Nepal begin to shift to recovery mode, relief workers in the earthquake-ravaged country are focusing on infrastructure—including the catastrophic loss of so many historic structures. And increasingly, they’re using emerging technology to do it. Read More >>

The Inside Story of How Olympic Photographers Snap Such Stunning Images

Every single moment of the Sochi Olympics is documented in minute detail. Here's how the AP and Getty Images, two of the biggest photo agencies on the scene, get their incredible photos from the Olympics to their baying publications across the globe, faster than you can microwave a bag of popcorn. Read More >>

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This Insane Ancient Tomb Has Been Restored to Its Prehistoric Glory

You're looking at the Soto dolmen in Trigueros, Spain—and you're right to be amazed. This prehistoric tomb has been home to rituals of life and death since 4200 BC, and now after nine years it's been restored to its prehistoric glory. Read More >>

11 Amazing Historical Snapshots From One of the World’s Best Archives

The J. Paul Getty Museum is home to troves of fascinating historical artifacts. And last week, the museum announced a project to give the public unfettered access to it. The Open Content Program makes 4,600 high-resolution images available for free and for any use whatsoever. Here are 11 gems to help begin your historical journey. Read More >>

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This Is What a Plague of Locusts Actually Looks Like

A plague of locusts sounds like the kind of biblical torment that we'll never really need to worry about. But they're real, they happen — and boy do they cause trouble. Read More >>

Google CEO Larry Page Talks Apple Spats, Google+, and the Future of Search

CNN Money has managed to get a rare, long interview with Google head honcho Larry Page. In fact, its only Page's second big interview with a print publication since he became CEO back on 2011. Here are some choice cuts, before you read the whole thing. Read More >>

Can Viagra Make You A Better Athlete?

The idea that Viagra helps out athletes has been around for years now, but is there a scientific consensus on it? Read More >>

Dyson Has Patented a Faucet That Also Dries Your Hands

Public and workplace washrooms often have far fewer hand dryers than they have sinks to wash hands in, leaving people queuing for a dryer with dripping hands. Read More >>

Scientists Make Shake-to-Charge Phones a Real Possibility

Need to make a call but run out of juice? Just give your mobile phone a shake for an extra burst of power -- that's the idea behind a new phone charger that turns movement into energy. Read More >>

Soon, Your Vaccinations Will Be Arriving Via Email

Craig Venter, the über-DNA jockey who quietly sequenced the human genome using his own DNA, then made "synthetic life" by outfitting a gutted bacterium with homemade genes, says his next trick will be emailing biological molecules, using 3D biological printers. The move that could revolutionise healthcare - and biological warfare. Read More >>

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New Patent Could Saddle 3D Printers With DRM

One of the greatest benefits of 3D printing technology -- the ability to make replacements or parts for household objects like toys, utensils and gadgets -- may be denied to US citizens thanks to the granting of a sweeping patent that prevents the printing of unauthorised 3D designs. It has all the makings of the much-maligned digital rights management (DRM) system that prevented copying of Apple iTunes tracks -- until it was abandoned as a no-hoper in 2009. Read More >>