Giz UK’s Exclusive Look Behind The Scenes At Ghost In The Shell’s Iconic VFX

A blockbuster remake of the iconic 90s anime hits cinemas today - but just how have the film makers created such a faithful adaption? Here's an exclusive behind-the-scenes gallery showing Scarlett Johansson's transformation into Major Mira Killian. Read More >>

Ghost in the Shell Delivers a Beautiful but Ultimately Empty Adaptation of an Anime Classic

Major Mira Killian doesn’t remember who she was before. Now the character played by Scarlett Johansson is living inside a different kind of body about to start a different kind of life. She effortlessly leaps and shoots across a deliriously oversaturated cityscape with power and purpose. There’s something wrong at the heart of it all, with her sense of her (own) self. It’s a problem that Ghost in the Shell never really explores in any satisfying way. Read More >>

You Can Watch the First Five Minutes of Ghost in the Shell Right Here

Whatever else might be true of the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie, it’s also true that the filmmakers have put as much of the budget on the screen as humanly possible. And as you can tell when you watch the film’s opening scene—available here and now for your viewing pleasure—it has paid off, at least in in the visuals department. Read More >>

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The Cyborg Villain Kuze Is Revealed in the New Ghost In The Shell Trailer

With a little over a month to go before the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie hits cinemas, a new trailer is here, and it reveals a lot. Read More >>

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The New Ghost in the Shell Teaser Feels Like a Cyborg Fever Dream

Say what you want about the problematic casting, but Ghost in the Shell is going to look absolutely bananas. Read More >>

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The First Ghost in the Shell Trailer Brings the Popular Manga to Life

After months of controversy surrounding the live-action Ghost in the Shell, we finally have something more fun to talk about. At a live event in Tokyo, the first trailer was unveiled to the world, and it’s pretty fantastic. Read More >>

The Ghost in the Shell Movie Doesn’t Know Whether its Main Character Is Japanese or Not

The casting controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson’s role as Major Motoko Kusanagi in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film continues to bring widespread confusion. Less than a week ago, its producer responded to the controversy by seemingly distancing the Major from her Japanese heritage. Now, things are suddenly a complicated mess again. Read More >>

Using CGI to Make White Actors Look Asian Was Considered for Ghost in the Shell

You hear that sound? It’s the sound of Paramount executives slowly digging themselves further into a big, big hole. Read More >>

This Spinal Implant is Letting Paralysed Rats Walk Again

The ability to internally bridge the gap between two ends of severed spinal cord—not just rely on the support of an external carapace like the Ekso-Suitwould be nothing short of revolutionary for the neurosurgical field. Oh wait, looks like a team from the EPFL has just invented a way to do just that—in mice. Read More >>

Ghost in the Shell’s Think Tanks Are Intimidating, Even in LEGO Form

Major Kusinagi's climactic fight against the Alakuneda Think Tank in the original Ghost in the Shell is easily one of the best fight scenes in modern anime. Now, that arm-shearing battle has gotten a bit cuter with a think tank made from stock LEGO bricks. Read More >>

Would Anybody Else Upload Their Consciousness to the Internet?

I was watching Ghost in the Shell again today—for the umpteenth time—and got to thinking: If the technology existed in the future and I had the opportunity to do so, I'd totally abandon this meat sack that I exist in and upload my consciousness to the 'Net. Read More >>