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The Fictional People and Things We Lost in 2019

This year saw some of the biggest endings in movie and television history. In Avengers: Endgame, a few brave souls sacrificed themselves to save the universe and Game of Thrones finally put someone on the Iron Throne...and a lot of people in their graves. There are a lot of characters to grieve over, and we’re here to sing their swan songs. Read More >>

A Hidden Vape Takes This Smoking, 3D-Printed Ghost Rider Costume to the Next Level

‘Tis the season to go completely overboard with costumes and decorations, so when Mike Warren decided on Ghost Rider for his Halloween getup, he knew he’d have to go the extra mile with a wearable glowing skull helmet surrounded in a cloud of smoke. But instead of reaching for the dry ice, he adapted a more modern tool for generating smoke: a vape. Read More >>

Here’s How Complicated It Was to Bring Ghost Rider to Agents of SHIELD

In its fourth season, Agents of SHIELD’s delved into the more magical side of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe by introducing Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider and giving him a pretty solid connection to Doctor Strange. Magic made for some of Agents of SHIELD’s most visually stunning episodes and in a new reel from CoSA VFX, we see just what all it took to make it all happen. Read More >>

Ghost Rider Will Return to Agents of SHIELD

I think it was pretty clear that Agents of SHIELD had left the door open for the spirit of vengeance, a.k.a. Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna), to return. The bigger question was if he would be back this season and, if he is back, how does he fit in with the current fight in the Framework? Read More >>

Agents of SHIELD’s Ghost Rider Could Get His Own Netflix Show—Or a Movie

From the outside looking in, it seems like the relationship between Marvel’s TV output and its movies is more distant than ever—but at least one character developed for Marvel TV could be making the jump to the movies in the future, or even to Netflix for his own: Agents of SHIELD’s Ghost Rider. Read More >>

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Essential Reading and Merchandise to Prepare for Ghost Rider and Luke Cage on TV

Marvel TV have a few special heroes debuting at the moment, with Ghost Rider appearing on Agents of SHIELD and Luke Cage's solo series on Netflix. Both heroes aren't too well known in the mainstream, unless you count those god-awful Nicholas Cage movies. So here is some essential reading material, and some merch you might want to get your hands on. Read More >>

Your New Live-Action Marvel Ghost Rider Has Been Revealed

Ghost Rider, Marvel’s fire-covered, bat-out-of-hell character, is no stranger to live-action. Nicolas Cage played the character in two movies, and now, five years later, Ghost Rider is back in the burning flesh and the first official look is here. Read More >>