What a Radioactive Town Looks Like Five Years After the Humans Left

Since March 2011, a 30-mile radius around the ruined Fukushima Daiichi reactor has been a designated exclusion zone, unsafe to travel. Over 100,000 evacuees left in a hurry and left behind a snapshot of what life looked like in the moments just before they fled. A brave soul recently snuck in to photograph the apocalyptic scene today. Read More >>

Take a Spooky Drone Tour of a Decaying Ghost Town

In the 1860s, the Californian mining boomtown of Bodie was alive with nouveau-riche miners, stagecoach holdups, opium dens, and prostitutes-turned-doctors. Less than sixty years later, Bodie was a ghost town with a population you could count on your hand — the ruins of which are explored in this amazing video filmed via quadrocopter. Read More >>

Welcome to the New New Mexico Ghost Town — Population: Zero

Across the pond in America, over £620 million is being pumped into a new town complete with all sorts of different roads, houses and commercial properties, but the catch is that nobody is home. Read More >>

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Newtown? Ghost Town More Like

This sad video pretty much sums up what’s happening to our high streets here in Britain. You can see it all around us, but this match-up of opposing photos shows just how bad it’s really getting. Read More >>