Ivan Reitman’s Got a Ludicrously Optimistic Idea for the Future of Ghostbusters

Oh, sweet spirit. On the one hand, we’ve got Dan Aykroyd being extremely negative about Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters. On the other we’ve got Ivan Reitman being extremely positive about what he’d like to do with the Ghostbusters franchise in the future. Neither of them make much sense, but there’s something much nicer about Reitman’s view. Read More >>

Ghostbusters Has Been Turned Into Shakespeare

When something is well-written, it’s not uncommon to hear someone refer to it as “Shakespeare.” For example, hypothetically, someone might say, “The script for Ghostbusters was so good, it’s like Shakespeare.” But what if Ghostbusters actually was written by Shakespeare? Read More >>

Scientists Just Named a Newly-Discovered Dinosaur After a Ghostbusters Character

Hopefully, this opens the door for a Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters crossover. Read More >>

The New Ghostbusters Will Meet the Old Team in a New Comic Crossover

On the big screen, we’re never going to see the classic Ghostbusters team partner up with the crew from the latest movie. But anything can happen in comics, so the Avengers moment of the Ghostbusters world is taking place in a new miniseries starting next March. Read More >>

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This Ghostbusters VFX Reel Is Beautiful

Whether you loved the new Ghostbusters, hated it, or found yourself somewhere in the middle, there’s no denying Paul Feig had a very distinct vision. He didn’t just update the characters for 2016, he cranked up the visuals too, with tons of lush, beautiful colours. Read More >>

Report: The Ghostbusters Sequel Is Being Shelved in Favour of an Animated Movie

Ghostbusters has been out for a bit now, and a new story from The Hollywood Reporter says that the movie is going to lose millions. As a result, a sequel has been put on the back burner—but Ghostbusters isn’t quite dead yet. Read More >>

The Spirits of the Original Ghostbusters Might Be Trapped Inside These Life-Like Figures

Blitzway has officially revealed its upcoming lineup of sixth-scale Ghostbusters figures based on the cast from the original film, and just like how the characters were trapped in that evil painting at the end of Ghostbusters 2, there’s a good chance these actors have been somehow imprisoned in these impossibly accurate collectibles. Read More >>

The Ghostbusters Team Talks About That Shocking End Credits Scene and Other Secrets

If you've seen Ghostbusters, we hope you stayed throughout the credits. Not only were there some good laughs during them, but there’s also a shocking revelation at the very end of them. We talked to the film’s director and producer all about what it means for the future of the Ghostbusters. Read More >>

Twitter Isn’t Doing Enough About Ghostbusters’ Leslie Jones’ Racist Trolls

In a perfect world, Leslie Jones would’ve spent her Monday celebrating the release of her new childhood-ruining movie, Ghostbusters: Attack of the Feminmiminismsists, but instead she’s putting up with some bullshit on Twitter. Monday night, Jones exposed and called out the insanely racist abuse she’s been receiving. Read More >>

Ghostbusters Reboot is Getting a Sequel

After a testing pre-release backlash to the concept, the all-female Ghostbusters reboot has been warmly (if not rapturously) received by critics. And though its $46 million dollar opening box office haul is far from being a record breaker (the film opened behind kids animation The Secret Life of Pets) it seems almost certain that the Melissa McCarthy-fronted film will get a second outing. Read More >>

Why Paul Feig Dared to Make the New Ghostbusters Movie

At first, Paul Feig didn’t want to make a Ghostbusters movie at all. When Ivan Reitman, the co-writer and director of the original film, called him to discuss directing a new one, he was flattered... and he was still ready to say “No”. Read More >>

New Ghostbusters (2016) Review: Five Reasons to Watch It (and One Reason Not To)

I ain't afraid of no internet troll – despite my own reservations towards Paul Feig's female-fronted Ghostbusters reboot, I took a trip to my local cinema last night to see the new spectre-filled spectacle. And you know what? Despite being perhaps the most hated film (pre-release) in the internet's history, it's not half bad at all. Read More >>

The Rise and Fall of Ghostbusters 3

Ever since Ghostbusters 2 premiered in 1989, there’s been talk of a third movie. For nearly 20 years, various scripts and ideas and rumours circulated until Paul Feig’s new reboot, opening on 11th July in the UK, finally put the possibility to rest. We spoke with original film’s director Ivan Reitman, as well as Feig, about what actually happened with Ghostbusters 3. Read More >>

The New Ghostbusters Ad-Libbed a Scene to Address Its Haters

The new Ghostbusters movie has attracted a veritable shitstorm of reactions—whether that’s based on the gender of its cast, its rebooting of a beloved franchise, or basically just existing. The end result? A scene in the movie where titular ‘busters address their haters in both the film and in reality. Read More >>

Listen to the New Ghostbusters Theme Tune If You Dare

It’s strange, it’s weird and it most definitely don’t look good. Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott have created the new Ghostbusters theme tune, and we can’t even pretend it’s any good. Read More >>