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A Razor Blade-Covered Yo-Yo is the Most Dangerous Toy Since Lawn Darts

We’re all guilty of performing stupid stunts as kids, but most of us tend to avoid risking life and limb as we grow older. YouTube’s Giaco Whatever has done just the opposite. Using his machining skills, he attached a bunch of razor blades to a high performance yo-yo, creating a toy that’s possibly even more dangerous than lawn darts. Read More >>

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Building a Gigantic Blender is the Best Use For an Unwanted Lawnmower

What do you do when you move into a house without a lawn and no longer have any need for your electric mower? That’s easy, you strip it down and use its spinning blade to build an over-sized blender that can slice and dice much more than just chunks of ice. Read More >>

Homemade Remote Control Nerf Grenade Takes Out Opponents in Every Direction

They’re fun, but Nerf’s blasters, even the most powerful ones, aren’t known for their impeccable accuracy. So if you find yourself in the heat of battle surrounded by opponents, you’d be much better off with this Nerf grenade in your arsenal, which blasts foam darts in all directions. Read More >>

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This Homemade Automatic BB Gun Is Even More Dangerous Than It Sounds

YouTube’s Giaco Whatever, who previously terrified us with a custom Nerf blaster capable of firing foam darts faster than the speed of sound, has now designed and built an automatic BB gun powered by a 4,000 PSI air tank that’s easily one of the most dangerous creations you’ll find online—so of course you want to see it in action. Read More >>

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Strapping a Razor Blade to a Drone Is the Least Safe Way to Play Fruit Ninja

Alongside games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja was one of the early iPhone hits that we all eventually got tired of and buried in a folder somewhere. But YouTuber Giaco Whatever came up with an incredibly dangerous way to make the game interesting again: try it in real life with a flying razor blade. Read More >>

Guy Builds Home-Made Nerf Gun That’s Powerful Enough to Blast Foam Darts Right Through a Can

One of the things that makes toy dart blasters fun is that they can’t really hurt you. Sure, it doesn’t exactly tickle if you get shot at close range, but toy makers limit the power to keep lawsuits at bay. However, you don’t ever want to find yourselves in the crosshairs of this homebrew dart gun that’s powerful enough to pierce a can. Read More >>