Giffgaff Doubles the Data on Its Goodybag Bundles

Giffgaff is bringing you more bang for your buck by bumping up the data it offers with its flexible sim-only goodybags. Read More >>

GiffGaff Prepares For Huawei’s New Phone By Offering P20 Deals

With new Huawei handsets coming up on the horizon, GiffGaff is looking to offload some P20 and P20 Pro stock by offering some decent deals on its website. Read More >>

Giffgaff’s Free Chrome Plugin Translates Money Jargon To Actual Words (In Theory)

If we were going to guess which brand made a free Chrome plugin to automatically translate money jargon into plain English, phone network Giffgaff wouldn't be in our top 50. Read More >>

april fools
Reminder: April Fools Is Tomorrow, Lots Of Fake News Around Today

Whether you love or hate the yearly parade of daft ideas and 'new products' for April Fools' Day, it's worth remembering that it falls on a Saturday this year. Which means that a lot of companies are releasing theirs today. Read More >>

Roaming Charges Compared: Do Vodafone, Three, O2, EE or Others Offer the Best Holiday Deals?

It may not feel like it right now, especially if you're reading this while sat behind a desk, having just polished off your rain-soaked Sainsbury's baguette, but holiday season (the ‘hotdogs or legs?’ kind, not the jelly-belly one) is upon us. As such, those of you with any cash left over after you’ve done the big shop and repaired your boiler and paid your little ones their damned pocket money are gearing up for a blissful week somewhere that isn’t the UK. Literally anywhere. Read More >>

The Best UK Mobile Network Phone Deals for Every Bank Balance

We’re now heading straight into the part of the year where all the brand new smartphones are launched, and every big company (barring Samsung which jumped the gun a bit) will be showing off their latest telephonic devices for the first time. But we’re not here to talk about those phones, mainly because we don’t know anything about them yet. We’re here to talk about the thing your phone needs before it’s of any use: a network contract. You're looking at Gizmodo UK's in-depth guide to the very best UK mobile network deals. Read More >>

GiffGaff Adds 4G as Standard to Next-gen PAYG Goodybags

Everyone's favourite SIM seller is having another rejig of its bundle options to ensure they best fit in with the mobile network dataspace of 2015 and beyond, revealing that from September all of its data-enabled SIMs will let users connect to 4G networks should they live in or occasionally pass through such powerful electrosmog zones. Read More >>

GiffGaff Users Furious Over Cash-for-Phones Loans Spin-Off

Mobile network GiffGaff has made a bizarre move into the peer-to-peer lending world, with some of its users suggesting the new GiffGaff Money loans side business is not a particularly moral thing for a community-focused business to get itself into. Read More >>

The UK’s Cheapest SIM-Only Phone Deals From BT Mobile, O2, EE, Three and More (Updated)

EE partnering with BT to form BT Mobile; Three UK teaming up with O2 to make a mobile network supergroup -- it's been a busy day already for the UK mobile industry, and a potentially confusing one for those considering a new mobile contract. Read More >>

GiffGaff Now Offers 4G Data Connections to its Users

If you're a GiffGaff customer that's been twiddling its thumbs waiting to be lifted from the unwashed masses of 3G data connections into the upper echelons of the 4G master race, your time has come. The MVNO is now offering 4G plans, with existing customers who joined before October 29th getting the upgrade at no extra cost. Read More >>

GiffGaff Chops Unlimited Data Options for New and Some Current Subscribers

Popular mini network GiffGaff is about to refresh it data bundles, with some of its beloved affordable unlimited options getting the axe at the end of the month. Read More >>

80 Per Cent Off Vacuum Cleaners Is Your Neat-Freak-Loving Deal of the Day

As the greatest minds all say, cleanliness is next to godliness, and so we're turning our attentions towards the spicking and spanning of things that might otherwise be mucky. Read More >>

This Incredibly Generous Mobile Package from GiffGaff is Your “Contract-Free Middle Finger to the Networks” Deal of the Day

We've had scores of complaints about yesterday's offer, most of which we've ignored because we're just back from a 250 mile round trip to go through a car wash for 50p. Hopefully you'll like today's more. Read More >>

GiffGaff’s Going to Start Selling Phones Now

Making a departure from its steadfastly SIM-only approach, it seems O2's cheaper, community-run arm is going to start flogging phones. How GiffGaff's going to actually do it, well, that's still up for debate. Read More >>

Vodafone’s New Red Hot Plans Give a New Way to Stay Cutting-Edge

It's difficult to be a phone network nowadays. The old stalwart of pay-monthly contracts are becoming harder to sell, and more and more people are moving to the likes of GiffGaff. In a last-ditch attempt to stay current, Vodafone's trying a new type of price plan aimed at those who want to stay on the cut-throat razor side of bleeding edge -- that's you, right? Read More >>