Duck Gifs Are the Only Gifs With Integrity

Gifs lit up Web 1.0 like Las Vegas – the torches, crystal balls, humping Muppets, dancing babies, mailboxes opening and closing to indicate that you’ve got mail – all signalling that crimson castles, their divorced dads clubs, and in-browser spaceships were hip and exciting places to be. In honour of an arbitrary anniversary, marking the 24th year since Netscape Navigator 2.0 first supported looping animated gifs on the browser, I thought I’d appreciate some equally-arbitrary duck-themed gifs. Allow me to explain. Read More >>

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Someone Made a Portable Keanu Gif Player and I Need it Now

Keanu Reeves has always been great. That said, we are truly living in the golden age of the Keanu Renaissance. So much so that someone has created a DIY, portable Keanu gif player, because why resign yourself to merely imagining his glory, when you can watch multiple ten-second clips of it? Read More >>

The Ultimate Guide to Turning Videos Into GIFs With Adobe Photoshop

Despite being a 30-year-old image format in desperate need of replacement, the animated GIF still rules the internet. It’s useful for so many things; from visually illustrating a point, to delivering a devastating comeback. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own, with complete control over the quality and file size, here’s our guide to using Photoshop to turn videos clips into beautiful GIFs. Read More >>

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Artist Recreates His Trip to Tokyo Through 30 Charming Short Animations

Having previously shown us what living in Los Angeles and New York City is like through a series of perfectly-looped GIFs, artist James Curran has now brought Tokyo to life with another adorable collection of animations, this time based on his experiences while living in Japan for a month. Read More >>

The Best Unannounced Feature on iOS 11 is Screen Recording

Apple packed a bunch of cool new features into the new iOS 11 update coming later this year, but it’s possible none of those are cooler than a simple screen capturing tool that makes it easier than ever to record videos of your iPhone in use. Read More >>

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9 Nuclear Explosion GIFs That Will Come in Handy During the Trump Era

President Trump has said that he wants a new nuclear arms race. And with more nuclear weapons in the world, there’s bound to be an accident sooner or later. At least that’s what the experts keep telling us. And when we inevitably descend into nuclear war, you don’t want to be caught without the proper GIFs. But don’t worry, Gizmodo has got you covered. Read More >>

These GIFs are Pure NES-Inspired Nostalgia

Thanks to the new mini NES, we’re all wafting through fits of nostalgia for 8-bit graphics and classic Nintendo games. Jerry Liu loves this era so much, he decided to launch an art project dedicated to reliving our favorite game moments. Read More >>

Apple’s iOS 10 Filters Fail to Block Cartoon Pony Porn GIFs

Someone's found a way to associate Apple with sick filth. A search of the iOS 10 default GIF library for the word "butt" -- Americanish for bottom, we understand -- lets through some dodgy images of cartoon porn. Read More >>

Our World Is Getting Hotter and This Visualisation Shows It

We just had the warmest August on record, which also tied last month for the warmest month ever recorded. But it’s the overall trend that’s truly scary, and now you can watch it unfold right before your eyes. Read More >>

Oh God, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Has a GIF Making Feature

It was all going so well, too. Samsung has quietly revealed that the freshly launched Galaxy Note 7's stylus comes with a feature called Smart Select GIFs. Read More >>

People Are Posting Entire Films and TV Shows as Twitter GIFs

Bloody people, always doing stuff. What are they like? They’ve only gone and started abusing Twitter’s newly expanded 15MB GIF limit, by posting entire films (sped up), TV shows and music videos on the social network. Read More >>

Stock Reaction Gifs Are for Idiots

Last week, Google released a new, gif-friendly keyboard (still unavailable in the UK) that lets you choose from a selection of Fun animations. Perhaps you’re feeling particularly Mr. Bean-frowning-against-a-blue-background. Or maybe you’re in more of a you-go-glenn-coco-scene-from-Mean-Girls mood. That’s fine. But when it comes time to express those feelings, please, for the love of god, use your words. Because these basic, unoriginal thoughts are not what gifs are for. Read More >>

The David Brent and Alan Partridge GIF Search Engines Are Perfection

The hyphenated word ‘game-changer’ is used excessively these days, but not so in this case. An inspirational chap by the name of Jon Jones has created the Alan Partridge and David Brent GIF search engines, and they’re perfect. Read More >>