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The Best Fathers’ Day Gifts for Geeky Dads

Us geeky types often have our parents to thank for getting us into cool stuff when we were little, and it's fun to pay that back with delightfully nerdy presents when the opportunity arises. Read More >>

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The 15 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Geeky Mums

Every mum is different, and some of them are giant nerds. This being Giz UK, you won't find any perfume or flowery nonsense here -- just good ol' geekery to surprise your mum with on March 31st. Read More >>

Giz UK’s Gift Guide For Ourselves

Look, we've spent a lot of time lately writing gift guides for you lot to buy for other people. It got us thinking: what about us? What gifts would we like? Will someone please think of the editorial team? Read More >>

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10 Christmas Presents You Can Still Buy At The Very Last Minute

Christmas is on the 25th of December every single year, yet somehow, some years it just slips your mind. Or an unexpected relative turns up. Or someone buys you a really badass present and you shamefully realise you haven't got them anything. Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for the Outdoors Type

The way the internet works at the moment seems to be that we write things based on precognition concepts of what you might be thinking, or are perhaps about to think and look for online. Therefore, here are some ideas for Christmas presents for anyone searching the internet for gifts for people whose personality is "I Go Outside Often Even If The Forecast Isn't Great." Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for Handling Cold Snaps

So what's happened here is that it's turned cold like the Daily Express said it would back in June, and you're looking on the internet for something to fix it and make you warm. That's beyond current technology, sadly, as Elon Musk cannot yet locally direct warming heat rays from space for 99 cents (92 pence) a shot, but we do have the next best thing; items to buy that make the cold fun, or at least more bearable and doable. Read More >>

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The Best Christmas Present Ideas for Doctor Who Fans

Doctor Who's 11th series has just finished, and it looks like we all have to look forward to is a very long wait before the 12th series begins. There's the single New Year's special, but that's about it for at least a year. If you have a Who fan in your life, you can ease that pain with a well-timed Christmas present. Here are our best picks: Read More >>

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Christmas is Coming: The Best Gifts for Everyone Who Loves Game of Thrones

As Maester Aemon said, the Starks are always right eventually. Winter is pretty much here, and you know what that means: Christmas is coming. Christmas with its food, and shopping, and family arguments. Just like an episode of game of Thrones, but with less murder and more commercialism. Read More >>

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10 NSFW Christmas Presents That’d Shock Your Mum

Not everyone wants a set of socks and a box of smellies for Christmas. Sometimes your relationship is just... grosser than that. Siblings, partners, BFFs -- whoever you can tell your dirtiest jokes to, this list is for them. Read More >>

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The Best Star Wars Gifts For a Force-Filled Christmas

Star Wars is huge, with fans all over the world, and that means there are plenty of people who would just *love* to unwrap a present from a galaxy far, far away. But with a franchise as big as this it means there are plenty of things for you to choose from, ranging from Lego, to books, to robotics kits for kids. Here are our top picks, if you're still struggling to find them something. Read More >>

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10 Evil (ish) Christmas Presents For People You Hate

Got to buy a present for someone you can't stand because of office politics, family BS or just plain old obligation? We've got you. Here are 10 subtle and not-so-subtle ways to tell someone you think they're a weapons-grade turdburger. Read More >>

What NOT To Buy A Lego Lover For Christmas

Got a Lego-loving friend or family member that you need to buy a Christmas present for? Struggling to know exactly what to buy them? Well, don’t! Your AFOL loved one – that’s “adult fan of Lego” – is super easy to please. As long as you follow these easy dos and don’ts, that is. Read More >>

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The Best Pet Tech You Need This Christmas

Pets are part of the family, which means though they might not understand what Christmas is, they still deserve an exciting treat under the tree. Some of our choices here are more for you than them, but if a chilled out owner means more cuddle time, that works for everyone. Here's our pick of the pet tech for 2018. Read More >>

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12 Great Stocking Fillers to Buy Your Favourite Geek This Christmas

Not enough people do stockings when they've grown up. Which is a shame because there's nothing as deeply thrilling as a lumpy woolly sock on the end of your bed, and that doesn't go away just because you're 30 and have a mortgage (j/k, you're 33 and have housemates and eat cereal for dinner. Just me? OK). Read More >>

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The 12 Christmas Jumpers You Need This Year

One of the best things about Christmas is choosing a new ridiculous jumper to show off at the office, the pub, or on Instagram. We've picked 12 of this year's best festive offerings, with plenty of time to order them before they all sell out. Read More >>