UberEats is Offering European Couriers Free Accident and Sickness Insurance

Last week gig economy powerhouse Deliveroo announced that it would start offering its couriers the option to buy insurance that will minimise the financial burden of being injured, ill, or generally unable to work. Not to be outdone, UberEats has confirmed that it will be giving couriers in some European countries similar insurance - the main difference being that it'll be free. Read More >>

Deliveroo’s New Insurance Gives Staff Some Things Proper Employees Take For Granted

Gig economy workers like Deliveroo have spent a lot of time deflecting criticism about how it classifies the people that work for them. They're self-employed, according to the companies themselves, and because they work for themselves head office isn't responsible for the kinds of things they'd get if the staff were classified as workers or employees. Read More >>

Possible Gig Economy Reforms Are Being Delayed Until Next Year

You don't have to try very hard to find some sort of business that relies on the gig economy, which uses technology to hook people up with small jobs without things like rigid working hours or employment contracts. Uber, Deliveroo, Hermes, and so on. Obviously this system treats the people involved as self-employed contractors, so they don't get any rights that are afforded to workers or employees. Read More >>

Woman Makes Video for Fiverr, Gets Framed for Fake Anthrax Packages

We all know that the gig economy is just a terrifying innovation that makes it easier for the moneyed class to exploit workers. But one Fiverr drone recently found out that it’s also a perfect way to get framed for doing crimes. Read More >>

90% of Government Admins Could Be Replaced With Chatbots, Says Thinktank

In a damning indictment of the skills of Whitehall administrators, right-wing thinktank Reform says almost all of them could be replaced with AI chatbots. Read More >>

Uber Driver Fails Breathalyser After Dropping Off Two or Three Fares

An Uber driver in Southern California was pulled over last night and blew three times the legal limit. He was reportedly on his way to pick up his third (or fourth) fare for the night. Read More >>