900 Megapixel Portraits Turn the Human Face Into a Crazy Landscape

We've seen stitched together "gigapixel" photos made of a billion pixels before, but they tend to be reserved for huge landscapes. Photographer Daniel Boschung has taken absurdly high resolution methodology and applied it to a much smaller area: the human face. Read More >>

Can You Spot the Hidden Easter Eggs in This 20 Gigapixel Panoramic?

Multi-gigapixel panoramas are awesome. But Microsoft has made the concept even more fun with its 20 Gigapixel "ArtZoom," and has hidden a load of things for you to find. Read More >>

36-Gigapixel Image Captures Ancient Petroglyphs in Texas

The work of photographer Mark Willis combines advanced imaging and fabrication technologies with archaeological exploration, often producing breath taking images, 3D models, and highly accurate virtual environments from ancient sites in the U.S. Southwest. Read More >>

How Scientists Hacked a Normal Microscope Into a Gigapixel Superscope

Microscopes are a dime a dozen in universities, so there's plenty of fun to be had hacking 'em any way you can — like a team of researchers from Caltech, who have developed a cheap and easy way to increase their resolution by a factor of 100. Read More >>

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Look Through London’s Windows in BT’s Incredible 320 Gigapixel Panorama

Someone's been spending a lot of work time up the top of London's BT Tower with a camera, assembling an astounding 320 gigapixel panoramic image of the capital from 48,000 individual frames and building the world's largest panorama shot. Read More >>

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Check Out this Awesome Gigapixel of Mount Everest — It’s Like Being There in the Flesh

Not a lot of us are going to have the luck, or the inclination to drag ourselves up the side of Mount Everest, but with this incredible gigapixel image, you can feel like you're really there, kind of. That's some serious zoomage. Read More >>

Get Up Close to Babbage’s Difference Engine in This Gigapixel Image

Charles Babbage's difference engine—the mechanical precursor to today's digital computers—is a beautifully intricate machine. Now, you can take a real close look at it using this gigapixel image. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 11

We've won gold 21 times over now, and thanks to our success, Australia's getting a bit petulant over the whole thing. In other Olympics news today, if haven't made it to the Olympic Stadium, we've got a gigapixel image for you, which is the next best thing to being there. It's not all good news though -- Idowu is out, and seven Cameroonians are on the lamb from the Olympics, but at least we haven't landed flat on our backs in the pool (yet). Bolt apparently wants to play for Man U after this, which is weird, and did you know each gold medal costs us about £450? Add that to our national debt. Read More >>

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This Amazing Gigapixel Image From the Top of the Shard Is Probably the Best View of London You’ll Ever See

The Shard has its own 360-degree panorama, but this gigapixel version from Will Pearson is so much better. You can zoom right in on Canary Wharf and the city of London; the Gherkin, and even the Olympic stadium. That really is quite a view. Read More >>

Welcome to the World of Gigapixel Photography

If you feel that your pictures sometimes lack fine-grained detail, they probably do. At least, they do compared to photographs taken with a new supercamera developed at Duke University, which is capable of instantly acquiring images that pack in a staggering 960 million pixels. Read More >>