Five Guys Adds a New Gingerbread Shake to Its Menu

Five Guys is getting into the Christmas spirit by rolling out a new, festive flavour milkshake. Read More >>

Morrisons Suggests Biting Heads Off Effigies of the Rich

Supermarket chain Morrisons could find its boardroom staff tried for treason soon, as it has launched a range of gingerbread biscuits fashioned vaguely in the likeness of Prince Harry. The clear inference here is that Morrisons hates the monarchy and would like everyone to eat bits off the prince and immerse him in hot drinks, laughing and torturing the biscuit representation of The Man Who Would Be King if there's a helicopter accident involving the other one. Read More >>

This Gingerbread Apple II Computer Is Perfectly Edible Inside and Out

If you’re looking for a quick hit of internet fame around Christmas, consider baking up some gingerbread and making anything but a house. So far we’ve seen crashed Enterprises and Death Stars, but a gingerbread Apple II computer, complete with edible circuitboards inside, easily wins Christmas this year. Read More >>

How Much Gingerbread Would You Need To Build Your Edible Dreamhouse?

Had she access to this useful online calculator, the wicked witch in that Hansel and Gretel fairytale wouldn't have had to settle for just a tiny cottage in the woods. She could have built herself a sprawling McMansion with proper planning, complete with a dedicated bakery just for kids. Read More >>

Only 10-Per Cent of Androids Have Ice Cream Sandwich After Eight Months

Ice Cream Sandwich is now installed on 10-per cent of active Android devices, according to Google's own numbers. About 64-per cent of users are still using Gingerbread. And the latest iteration of Android, Jelly Bean, is already on its way.When developers express concern about Android fragmentation, this is what they mean. Read More >>

Via’s APC Raspberry Pi Competitor Sells Out In Under 24 Hours

The Raspberry Pi might have captured the hearts and minds of geeks across the world, but it's not the only barebones board out now. Via's less programming-focused Android-packing APC went up for pre-order and sold out within a day; sounds familiar doesn't it? Read More >>

Watch Out Raspberry Pi, You’ve Got Some Stiff Competition

At under £30 all in, including delivery, you'd be hard pressed to find anything that competes on price and sheer awesomeness with the Raspberry Pi, but that hasn't stopped Via trying. Meet the Via APC, an ARM-based board that runs Android for just £32. Read More >>

how to
How To Use Android

Android is awesome and powerful, but it has, shall we say, a learning curve. That scares some people away. After all, iOS is so intuitive that babies can use it. Literally. But you're not a baby. Read More >>

How to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Features On Your Old-School Gingerbread Phone

Are you sick of waiting for your phone network to serve up Ice Cream Sandwich for your Galaxy S II? Is your old Android stuck on Gingerbread without any hope of an upgrade? Never fear, as Giz is here.. Read More >>

Millions of People Are Still Using Old Ugly Versions of Android for Some Reason

Here's something depressing and slightly horrifying: roughly 1.2 million people are using Android 1.5—a three year old operating system that looks like a Chinese bootleg of itself. How? Why? It gets worse. Read More >>

Panasonic’s Waterproof Android Phone Will Be Here in the UK Next Month

You might not have been all that psyched by Panasonic’s first out-of-Asia phone offering, the Eluga, but it’s coming to the UK in April. It might be running Gingerbread on release, but it is slim and waterproof, which should give you one less thing to worry about when out and about. Read More >>

Sony’s Xperia Sola Has “Floating Touch,” For When Touching the Screen Is Just Too Much Effort

Sony’s new phone line has been making waves – we quite liked the Xperia S, giving it four out of five stars in our review. Now we’ve got another entry, the Xperia Sola aka the Pepper, touting something called “floating touch” for “magic web browsing without touching the screen", because dragging your finger on glass is just so last year. Read More >>

LG’s 5-Inch Stylus-Packing Optimus Vu Isn’t a Galaxy Note

Seems LG wants a piece of the stylus-packing too-big-to-be-a-phone, but too-small-to-be-a-tablet market. It launched the teased Optimus Vu over the weekend and it’s nothing like the Galaxy Note, honest. Read More >>

ZTE Thinks Britons Will Buy Anything: Punts a Not-That-Cheap Budget 7-Inch Android Tablet For February

ZTE’s been on a budget smartphone mission as of late in the UK. Now it’s pushing a cheapish 7-inch Android tablet, but the problem is that it’s not running Ice Cream Sandwich. In fact it’s not even running Honeycomb; it’s still running Gingerbread. What are they thinking? Read More >>