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Newsreader Sues Facebook, Reddit After Her Photo Shows Up in Dating, Erectile Dysfunction Ads

A newsreader based in the US city of Philadelphia, Karen Hepp, is suing Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms in federal court after discovering that a photo of her taken in a convenience store was popping up in dating and erectile dysfunction ads, per the Verge. Read More >>

Giphy Is Back on Instagram and Snapchat After Claiming to Have Solved Its Racist Sticker Problem

Gif-sharing service Giphy is back on Snapchat after an incident last month involving an extremely goddamn racist gif that slipped past moderation filters, according to the Verge. Read More >>

Snapchat, Instagram Pull Giphy Integration After Users Find Extremely Racist GIF

Facebook subsidiary Instagram and stumbling competitor Snapchat have both disabled GIF-embedding service Giphy after an extremely racist image began spreading on the platform, TechCrunch reported. Read More >>

Google Swears It Didn’t Nerf Giphy in Search After Exec Bragged ‘We Own Happy Birthday Now’

On October 3rd, the founders of the GIF search engine Giphy were riding high. A cover story in Fast Company chronicled the company’s rise to power and execs were spouting off about their dominance. One claimed that Giphy’s hold on search results is so strong “we own happy birthday now.” The next day, the company’s search traffic fell off a cliff. Read More >>

Stock Reaction Gifs Are for Idiots

Last week, Google released a new, gif-friendly keyboard (still unavailable in the UK) that lets you choose from a selection of Fun animations. Perhaps you’re feeling particularly Mr. Bean-frowning-against-a-blue-background. Or maybe you’re in more of a you-go-glenn-coco-scene-from-Mean-Girls mood. That’s fine. But when it comes time to express those feelings, please, for the love of god, use your words. Because these basic, unoriginal thoughts are not what gifs are for. Read More >>

A Dead Simple Tool For Capturing Your Desktop as a GIF

GIFs are a much-loved online medium for capturing that perfect animated emotion, but they can be damn hard to make. You either need to find a favourite automated tool, or at least be semi-fluent in Photoshop. Giphy’s lowering that technical barrier by introducing Capture, a dead simple way to quickly capture anything on your Mac in gif form. Read More >>

Twitter Gets an Easy Built-In Gif Search Engine

In a move aimed at persuading more young internet-type people to use Twitter, Jack Dorsey and friends are integrating Gif search into its social network, following many messaging apps’ footsteps. The integrated search is combined partnership between venerable Gif havens Giphy and Riffsy. Read More >>

Easily Add GIFs to Your Gmail With This Slick Chrome Extension

Giphy’s great new Chrome extension builds an animated image search engine right into your editor. A-maz-ing. Read More >>