Is Girls Anti-Hero Adam Driver Star Wars: Episode VII‘s “New Darth Vader”?

We're pretty sure that Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill, Harrison "Han Solo" Ford and Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher are reprising their most-loved roles for J. J. Abrams Star Wars: Episode VII. Will Adam Driver of Girls fame be the villain wielding the Dark Side of the Force against them? Read More >>

Should the Sun Ditch Its Page 3 Girls?

The Irish edition of the Sun has dropped topless girls from its 3rd page, citing "cultural differences". The strange thing is the paper isn't dumping the ladies entirely; it's just getting them to cover-up a bit more. Well, cover up their nipples at least. But really, isn't it time to ditch basically-naked ladies from our newspapers? Read More >>

Google Glass
How Every Guy Will Use Google Glass

Though you may look like a complete dork wearing Google Glass, it's the capital-F future realised in the most overtly futuristic way possible. That means people are going to be interested in this thing. That means once guys realise what they can do with it, they'll just use it in any way possible to get laid. Or watch sports while trying to get laid. Or play video games while trying to get laid. Or talk to their buddies while trying to get laid. Read More >>

CES Won’t Go “Talibanesque” on Booth Babes, But Suggests They Tone it Down

There will not be a ban on depressing "booth babes" at next year's CES, with event organisers claiming it'd be an administrative nightmare issuing rules on cleavage depths and skirt lengths for everyone to follow. Instead, it's just asking everyone to be a bit more... charming. Read More >>

This Sexy Underwear Won’t Get Ruined If You Pee on Them

Like the decidedly unsexy Depends underwear, Dear Kate underwear can hold lady liquid without getting ruined. The secret sauce is the thin wicking material that it's made of that can withstand three teaspoons. But unlike Depends, you won't be embarrassed when you strip to your skivvies. Read More >>

An Iron and Steel Mill Company Decided to Make a Calendar Filled with Naked Girls and Melted Metal

For some reason, a Belarusian iron and steel mill made a calendar using its naked women workers. That's sort of normal, I guess. But the iron and steel mill wanted to make sure anyone who saw this calendar knew it was theirs by superimposing images of melting metal, wire looms, burning steel, cables, fences and anything else you would never associate with a beautiful woman on their naked skin. It's hilariously weird. Read More >>

Facebook Took Down This Picture Because It Was Too Demeaning

Facebook, which recently took down the elbow boobs picture, also took down this picture by men's magazine Zoo. The crass post asks Facebook users if they're a boobs or butt guy, with a "clever" picture. Read More >>

These Girls Are Wearing Nothing But Light

Light painting is one of those magical photography techniques that never gets old. Batman logos! Fancy effects! And even... dresses? Mmhmm. Atton Conrad, an advertising and art photographer, used light painting to dress his beautiful models to make them look even more gorgeous. Read More >>

Hey Anti-Lego Feminists, Lego for Girls Actually Kicks Ass

The cool space fighter above was created with bricks from Lego Friends' Butterfly Beauty Shop; Olivia's Invention Workshop; Stephanie's Cool Convertible, and Emma's Fashion Design Studio. It proves one thing: feminists criticising the new Lego Friends sets just don't get it. Read More >>