Tesco Tests Letting People Touch Apples

Tesco is jumping on the horsedrawn plastic-free vegetables bandwagon, and is launching a trial to see what happens when shoppers are confronted by naked fruits vegetables that may therefore have been touched by the hands of staff members or squeezed by a previous shopper. Read More >>

Sony and Warner Are Taking TuneIn to Court Over Copyright Infringement in the UK

Streaming is the new cool way to pirate stuff, and while most people would automatically think of video streaming there are audio pirates out there. Case in point, Sony and Warner have both decided to sue digital radio service TuneIn over 800 unlicensed streams that supposedly let people listen to copyrighted material in the UK. Read More >>

Roku’s Finally Releasing Two New Products in the UK

It's been a good few years since Roku released anything in the UK, leaving Brits with the woefully obsolete Streaming Stick and Roku 3 while the competition gets more advanced. Now, though, Roku has announced its bringing two of its latest products to the UK. Read More >>